How often during the day, do we talk to our real self? Do we ever think before speaking or ponder on our spoken words after they are out in the Universe? Have we ever tried speaking what we actually mean or rather meant, what we actually spoke?

Sometimes we do analyze ourselves and feel the urge to change. However, mostly we pass the blame onto our hectic, unfulfilling life, which does not inspire us to delve within the ‘self.’

Those who do not indulge in introspection, my article will serve as a warning signal for them. If we do not establish a good relationship with our soul, life will go the same way as it has been going on -like a roller coaster ride (full of ups and downs).We will always follow the old belief system that convinces us to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our life. But believe me, it is just the turmoil of emotions rising within the mind that develops our perception towards life. If we want happiness to be everlasting, we need to train our soul by nurturing it.

It is just like any worldly relationship. If enough time and affection is not given to it, it gets affected negatively. A similar thing happens when we do not connect with our soul. There can be so many reactions that pop up suddenly which are uncontrolled and basically not the right ones. There might have been so many situations that have left us confused, disturbed, depressed, void of any peace , unenthusiastic or rather uncomfortable. If such unexpected reactions and situations are recurring then I can surely say there are still things deep within us that lie undiscovered.

So my Dear Readers, if we are not careful about our inner energy, this worldly life will use it up entirely and discharge our inner beauty!

All I want to say is that do not let any emotion affect or pull you down so hard or badly that you are forced to explore yourself. There’s an apt saying, “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness”. Instead it will be better if you start the search now so that you do not have to experience the downfall!



2016 has been the year of my transformation.I can describe it as the best as well as the worst year.Firstly,I will explain the reasons for it being the year of my actions that I will never like to repeat.
I messed up with people whom I had been following since a long time.Someone tried pulling me down and in return I acted as a demon(I cannot believe it now but I seriously turned revengeful).Then I dropped out from the race of my dreams that I have been chasing from high school.For a while I completely lost my zeal,enthusiasm and the willingness to work.I even forgot for a few months that I am still 20(so probably have a right to commit mistakes and take risks).This made me indulge into self criticism and I was trapped in a ‘cognitive triad’.I was too depressed seeing my life going directionless.There were so many contradicting thoughts.All I can now say that it was just useless overthinking.

However something that changed my life was my sudden interest to delve in spirituality.I desperately wanted to come out of my guilt mode in which I was constantly harming myself.Spirituality calmed all my anxiety and helped me come out of depression.It totally changed my perception about life.Then I realised how gullible I had been.By giving the remote control of my mind to other people and situations,I was ruining my life.I also met people who were in situations worse than me;people who experienced a sudden downfall or lost their loved ones.From such people,I learnt that I need to smile and be thankful in all circumstances as my  condition is much better than so many existing on this earth.After all what I was experiencing was just temporary.No thing or situation was to remain same forever.

2016 has been really very special for me as it taught the real meaning of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Joy’.

Thus, I learnt the following lessons during the year;

*From Relationships:
-Never be pretentious.Be natural and express all feelings clearly.
-Never compromise for someone by sacrificing the real ‘self’.
-Love unconditionally(I mean no ‘give and take’,just give without expectations).
-Accepting people as they are.(Either accept or  leave,no need to suffocate).

*From life:
-Never search happiness in people or objects.Searching in others means being dependent.This will certainly be the cause of loneliness at some point of time.
-Life is not a competition.It is all about giving the best of the ability.
-Accepting the results or the fruits of the action as they are.
-There is nothing such as ‘luck.’It is all a matter of past Karmic account.

Oh,I forgot to mention my achievements during the year.So I would love to tell everyone that I have got rid of my extreme judgemental nature!I have thereby turned into a philogeant(though a partial one).I am finally at peace as no longer I suffer from insecurities of losing.All I realise that each human being is on its own journey and so we do not need to be like anyone or crave for the lifestyle that the other is living.We do not have any right to  criticise anyone.So now I know the joy of life does not lie in beating others but winning over the weaknesses of the ‘self’!

So for the upcoming New Year,I have no special resolutions except for one.It is to stick to the path that I have recently chosen for myself while keeping the lessons in my mind!

My letter to Santa


Hey Santa,

Where have you gone?
I have been waiting for you all this while!
I peep from my window and my door,
In a chance to have a glance at your sledge.

Remember,you got me a cycle,
So long time back!
I know my mistake,
As I told you
I need nothing more
Than the ladybird bicycle.
But try to understand,
For it was not what I meant!

However,you seem to have taken my words,
All too seriously!
As I see no more of you
And you have broken our agreement.
Thereby no candies
No gifts
And no toys anymore!

Please,come again,
I have baked sumptuous rum cake
Ordered Italian Barolo
And lavishly decorated my  Xmas tree,
All just for you!

My hopes are high,
As I will be waiting for you!
To come and renew our contract.
Please,forgive me,
For my words during our last meet,
As I did not mean,what I said!

The Trial of Acceptance


Acceptance is no tolerance
Instead an ignorance
Of  flaws and blotches,
That mars the psyche,
Demeans the soul
And exists in beasts and entities.

Accepting with miserableness
Results in painfulness
Vanishes all happiness!
Myth evolves,
As we associate
Acceptance with suffering,
Forgetting it is compromising
For our cherished ones!

All that acceptance claims,
Is an act of forbearance
Without excruciation or wretchedness!
Only  changing the perception
And going through transfiguration,
Can leave an extraordinary impression!

Never expect transformation,
Learn the art of accommodation
Not for bearing injustice or salvation
But to become an inspiration!



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This world  is an illusion,
However everyone fails to realise this delusion.
All people are here to play their parts,
Either enjoying or groaning
Along the worldly ride on their life carts.
Some turn out to be hero and some devil.

I wish people could realize,
How they could hear their inner voice.
But people in their roles are too busy,
Unconcerned to reveal their soul’s mystery!

Watching others is an irony,
The way people depend on prophecy.
Instead of having their own convictions,
People rely on predictions.

Humans fight for wealth, property and possessions,
And having got them all still suffer from depression.
Ears become deaf in the sound of worldly objects,
And eyes turn blind to see what the soul tries to project!

We neglect the sufferings of others that we see,
And just get busy in our own glee.
All of us lack sensitivity,
As the soul has forgotten all its dignity.

Whatever materialistic we acquire is the body’s obsession
And not our soul’s suggestion.
Our soul does warn us from time to time to see the real goal,
But we still ignore the guidance of the soul.

Everyone wants to create things by wasteful imagination
And not by the soul’s creation.
All our deeds are for others’ appreciation
Instead for our soul’s recognition!

People find pleasure in relationships
And cheer and rejoice in all friendships;
It creates a sense of possessiveness
And one loses all his submissiveness.
Failing to realize all that it creates is attachments
That a stage comes,
When they are broken in fragments!

Each soul today is insecure
Because no one is using the right cure.
As all have closed their internal receptors
And so have become the ultimate predators!

HE as his angels has sent many wise
But no one wants to listen to their advice.
Each one knows
The soul finds peace in meditation
Still no one wants to spend time in HIS devotion!

I wish each one knew their inner potential,
To realize how much the soul is substantial.
Failing to realize their power and propulsion
None are able to break the ongoing deception!
Although the world is advancing
Yet the soul is demeaning.

Grant me the sincerity
To make others know the verity.
Not by adopting blind measures which are strange
But by myself being a change.
So that each one can feel Your presence
And realize their soul’s essence!

The Unresolved Break up

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Each beginning blossoms love so well
Yet ending lands heart in a hell!
Years pass in wooing,
But few seconds are enough for parting.

Commences with irresistible attraction,
Finishes in grief and aggression.
Dreams are envisaged together beautifully,
Misapprehensions break them gruffly.
Passionateness arises expectations,
Post break-up,
The broken delves in procrastination,
Trying to forget the loving memories
Speculating the cause of those imagined fantasies!

The blame game starts unfolding unhappiness
As one suffers from forlornness.
The injured seeks for enlightenment,
Willing to rise above the unexpected disappointment.

Misunderstandings take place
As no one steps forward
To fill the blank space.
All hopes are turned down
Resulting in inexplicable breakdown!

Eyes try to hide the unflown tears
Mind works to alleviate the pain and fear.
Hundreds of wishes are killed
For thousand desires go unfulfilled!

Bond of love is lost forever,
Flashbacks of broken relation makes the lonesome tremor!
The brain at times go vacuum,
For the romantic ball can never be resumed!