Irony Of Humanity


Whether I look here or there,
All I see is people lamenting
Over lost lives, lost fortune and lost strength!
Irony emerges,
For no one understands
True imperishable nature of the soul!

Very well it is known to people,
Peace rests in positive thinking
Still they indulge in wasteful analysing.
No opportunity do they leave,
To knock down others
As egoism is what each one suffers!

Perfectly do they know the art of  annihilation,
By their unique technique of humiliation.
Bragging about the possessions have become a habit,
All they love,
Is to stay in their pretentious ambit!

Across the world,
People act as perfect counsellors,
Yet for the their own homely conflicts
Search is for a chancellor.
Men of broken families turn out to be great philosophers,
Sudden fame they gain
As composers and orators!
Unique insight they have on relationships,
Despite having suffered all hardships!

Over time Thinking has grown enormous
But performance still remains apprehensive
Words and actions are never in harmony!
Faces show ignorance towards enemies;
Inwardly, for ending the grudges
Looking they are for permanent remedies!

It is an irony to watch,
People of strong convictions
Becoming prey to superstitions;
Many with high ambitions
Give in to fake predictions!

Everyday Humans sermonize
In prayers and hymns during sunrise
That God lies within the soul
Yet searching Him has become their life’s ultimate goal!
Wander they do
To the farthest sacred place
With a desire to see His face.
Failing to realize Him within
They become diseased
The whole life is exhausted
With body ailing in pain
And finally turning insane;
For nothing can be outwardly found
No Supreme power can be felt
No Trial of delving in spirituality
No Miracles of deity
No Experience of divinity!


Blogger Recognition Award


Being nominated once again,my excitement level is overflowing,as now I truly cannot believe that it is me who is getting it. Anyways all credits to:
for nominating me for the ‘Blogger Recognition Award.’ I know awards are never a source of everlasting joy however I will not deny that they do motivate us to a great extent especially if we are dependent for our enthusiasm on external sources.I am saying this because I see many of my great blogger friends nowadays rejecting the honour straight away.I felt bad for a while when they rejected my nomination for them,however,now I salute their great thinking for they are the ones fulfilling the real purpose of blogging.I think nothing can be better if we become the real inspiration of ourselves.I hope one day I love myself enough that only I am able to fully influence myself.

I started blogging after I came out of my depression phase.My sole purpose is to make others realise that if we learn to control our mind,we can turn ourselves into powerful beings through deep regular introspection.Introspection will not even be required regularly, if once our mind is programmed in a soul conscious way.I want to help others  understand that they are the sole creators of their destiny and something that goes out of the way has always a hidden meaning.
Initially I was sharing a blog with my two other fellow friends however recently I have set up my own blog.By the time, I started this new one,I had learnt so many lessons and I am still learning so much that I can finally say that I am back to life with a beautiful heart and an open mind!

My advice to new bloggers :
1.Write what excites you and not what you feel will be liked by others.Remember you are first serving your own satisfaction level and then others’ needs.
2.Never worry about your grammatical errors for I always used to fear earlier.However now I realise that as long as the content is being interpreted in the right manner,nothing else matters more.
3.Although not asked yet I would like to mention that give advices to others through your posts only if you have experimented it earlier upon yourself.

I think nominating few others, is the worst job in the world.However job is job and so my pioneer nominees for this award are :

The rules for accepting this award:

  1. Give thanks to the person who had nominated you and a link to their blog.
  2. Write a post to show your award.
  3. Briefly tell how you started blogging.
  4. Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for this award.
  6. Comment on the nominated blogs and let them know you have nominated them and give a link to the post you have created.

Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award


It gives me a bout of intense excitement to be nominated for the ‘Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award.’
More than the award what delights me more is being chosen as one of the nominees by atrangizindagieksafar aka Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, with whose efforts I stepped into this beautiful Blogging community. I don’t think I will ever be able to pay her back for she still continues to guide me in this wonderful learning journey. I would request all my well-wishers to visit her wonderful versatile blog which reflects her sagacious personality.

Through this post, I would like to aware all my avid readers to join a platform which grows by letting others grow. Success Inspirers’ World is an International Friends Blogging Forum.
On October 14, 2015, the transformation of Success Inspirers’ World into
an International Friendship Blogging Forum started.
The dream is to keep on growing like one BIG family thereby spreading happiness and miles and miles of smiles.  As an international friends blogging forum, Success inspirer’s world provides an opportunity that every blogger is looking for – the opportunity to get more exposure and find more followers and readers.
If you want to benefit from this rare opportunity, register here or send an email to for an invitation to be addressed to you.

Being a fan follower of so many bloggers, I am finding it extremely difficult and unfair to nominate few others.However, this is the rule and so my pioneer nominees for this lovely award are:

The rules:
1. Write a post on your blog thanking the person who nominated you.
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3. Provide a link to the blog of the person who nominated you.
4. Tell Success Inspirers’ World, SIWO what you think about solidarity blogging. Is it worthwhile?
5. Nominate 10 bloggers for the award and inform them.

A Pain In My Heart……


I still remember,
Your sugar coated fancy words,
The mesmerising smile on your face.
Unfortunately,I can never forget,
Your surprisingly innovative gifts
That popped from different corners.
All was so enchanting,
As if there was magic in the air!

You knew it well,
How easily I was getting captivated by your charm;
For I was drawing closer to you;
As the days of our companionship
Were increasing in numbers.
However you falsely carried on,
Through your fake wooing part.

Nothing hurts me more
Than your last words,
Leading to our break up;
When you chose to part ways
Saying it was all ‘ONE SIDED’!

I wish if you could know,
What I have been through!
After you left me abandoned
With no evidence,
That could prove your affection towards me.
Rightly it is said;
The more the attachment,
Higher is the pain on unfulfilled expectations.
Thereby expanding the duration of healing.

There was no urge of rebounding,
Neither any heartbreak nor a single tear.
I was just in a trauma,
For having loved a man
Who turned to be a liar,
By disagreeing from his own words!

I hold no desire,
For having you back.
However I find it necessary,
Letting you know,
That I truly loved you by my heart;
Even if it was just a fun by your side.
All the sacrifices I made
Which I still not intend to tell you,
Were my hard efforts
To make you feel comfortable!

I am still wondering,
What made my heart fell for you;
If for a long term
You had no intention,
Reciprocating my deep sentiments back!

(It is just a piece of my imagination)




How often during the day, do we talk to our real self? Do we ever think before speaking or ponder on our spoken words after they are out in the Universe? Have we ever tried speaking what we actually mean or rather meant, what we actually spoke?

Sometimes we do analyze ourselves and feel the urge to change. However, mostly we pass the blame onto our hectic, unfulfilling life, which does not inspire us to delve within the ‘self.’

Those who do not indulge in introspection, my article will serve as a warning signal for them. If we do not establish a good relationship with our soul, life will go the same way as it has been going on -like a roller coaster ride (full of ups and downs).We will always follow the old belief system that convinces us to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our life. But believe me, it is just the turmoil of emotions rising within the mind that develops our perception towards life. If we want happiness to be everlasting, we need to train our soul by nurturing it.

It is just like any worldly relationship. If enough time and affection is not given to it, it gets affected negatively. A similar thing happens when we do not connect with our soul. There can be so many reactions that pop up suddenly which are uncontrolled and basically not the right ones. There might have been so many situations that have left us confused, disturbed, depressed, void of any peace , unenthusiastic or rather uncomfortable. If such unexpected reactions and situations are recurring then I can surely say there are still things deep within us that lie undiscovered.

So my Dear Readers, if we are not careful about our inner energy, this worldly life will use it up entirely and discharge our inner beauty!

All I want to say is that do not let any emotion affect or pull you down so hard or badly that you are forced to explore yourself. There’s an apt saying, “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness”. Instead it will be better if you start the search now so that you do not have to experience the downfall!



2016 has been the year of my transformation.I can describe it as the best as well as the worst year.Firstly,I will explain the reasons for it being the year of my actions that I will never like to repeat.
I messed up with people whom I had been following since a long time.Someone tried pulling me down and in return I acted as a demon(I cannot believe it now but I seriously turned revengeful).Then I dropped out from the race of my dreams that I have been chasing from high school.For a while I completely lost my zeal,enthusiasm and the willingness to work.I even forgot for a few months that I am still 20(so probably have a right to commit mistakes and take risks).This made me indulge into self criticism and I was trapped in a ‘cognitive triad’.I was too depressed seeing my life going directionless.There were so many contradicting thoughts.All I can now say that it was just useless overthinking.

However something that changed my life was my sudden interest to delve in spirituality.I desperately wanted to come out of my guilt mode in which I was constantly harming myself.Spirituality calmed all my anxiety and helped me come out of depression.It totally changed my perception about life.Then I realised how gullible I had been.By giving the remote control of my mind to other people and situations,I was ruining my life.I also met people who were in situations worse than me;people who experienced a sudden downfall or lost their loved ones.From such people,I learnt that I need to smile and be thankful in all circumstances as my  condition is much better than so many existing on this earth.After all what I was experiencing was just temporary.No thing or situation was to remain same forever.

2016 has been really very special for me as it taught the real meaning of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Joy’.

Thus, I learnt the following lessons during the year;

*From Relationships:
-Never be pretentious.Be natural and express all feelings clearly.
-Never compromise for someone by sacrificing the real ‘self’.
-Love unconditionally(I mean no ‘give and take’,just give without expectations).
-Accepting people as they are.(Either accept or  leave,no need to suffocate).

*From life:
-Never search happiness in people or objects.Searching in others means being dependent.This will certainly be the cause of loneliness at some point of time.
-Life is not a competition.It is all about giving the best of the ability.
-Accepting the results or the fruits of the action as they are.
-There is nothing such as ‘luck.’It is all a matter of past Karmic account.

Oh,I forgot to mention my achievements during the year.So I would love to tell everyone that I have got rid of my extreme judgemental nature!I have thereby turned into a philogeant(though a partial one).I am finally at peace as no longer I suffer from insecurities of losing.All I realise that each human being is on its own journey and so we do not need to be like anyone or crave for the lifestyle that the other is living.We do not have any right to  criticise anyone.So now I know the joy of life does not lie in beating others but winning over the weaknesses of the ‘self’!

So for the upcoming New Year,I have no special resolutions except for one.It is to stick to the path that I have recently chosen for myself while keeping the lessons in my mind!