At My Own Pace

Recently I have been reading ‘Discover Your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.There are beautiful lessons on each page which are not motivational but transformational.It is truly a fact that motivation dies but discipline stays.

Unlike other books,I am reading this one very slowly so that I am able to absorb each and every word and apply it in my life.I have always been wondering that why I feel so disillusioned at times despite the fact that I read so many spiritual writings and listen to great people around who are always high in positivity.Although I have not finished reading the book yet I am satisfied to discover the cause of my state.
I came across the following lines which struck very hard on my madness to change my fretful nature :

Personal transformation is not a race.Actually,sometimes the harder you try to change,the longer it takes.So many people treat self discovery like an extreme sport – rushing to get all their healing at a frenetic pace.They read book after book.they visit guide after guide and attend seminar after seminar.They want to know the answers to the big questions they are struggling with.But someone who cannot sit in the mystery of their lives and enjoy the process of personal growth is a person in fear.”

I felt as if the above mentioned lines are written for me for I have been taking transformation as a personal challenge and so failing to apply change in my life,I suffered breakdowns.I have been forcing things on myself at a hurried pace without knowing its true benefits.It was like whenever I came across something positive,I immediately tried implementing it without accepting the challenges or discipline that accompany or is wanted with that good.It was as if I was creating a false sense of security thinking that it would be a nice way of alleviating pain.Rather bringing change slowly, one at a time,I have been acting madly to be the best of myself.I have tried being an open book so that I feel I am very clear and pristine.However now I realize,Kaizen technique is what I need to apply in my life.Rather than rushing for gulping the best that is available around,I need to choose what suits me the best and then absorb,no matter how much time it takes.
I used to get super excited whenever I read people’s stories of self discovery thinking such miracles would happen with me too.I failed to realize that it is a personal experience that varies from person to person.It happens with those who identify their fears and the barriers which have been hampering their inner growth and then seek cheerful ways to rise above them.It is an ongoing perennial process that works on eternal hope and self acceptance.


Lessons from the Nature

I wish to expand like the infinite sky
Whose power is beyond any limit or measure.

I wish to stand like the unshakable mountain
Whose determination can never be shattered.

I wish to be like the never still wave
That always rise after the fall.

I wish to be like the fruit laden tree
That always bends down in deep modesty.

I wish to shine like a star in the sky
That provides light at the stygian times.

I wish to be like the fresh green leaf
That helps others survive by providing food to all.

I wish to fly like the chirpy bird
Winging to measure the extent of boundless heavens without fears and worries.

I wish to spread like the huge ocean
That gives peace to the eye and soothing abode to many.

I wish to rise like the sun
That lingers hope after the vehement torrent.

I wish to blossom like the blithesome flower
That blooms despite knowing its withering fate.

There is so much to learn from the healing nature
That is so genuine and does not wear a drape of pretence!

The feel of Rain

The pitter-patter that comes the rain,
Unconsciously soothes my brain.
Very soon it makes me wet,
Yet I enjoy the chills without a fret!

The tranquil susurration that play in my ears,
Rids me temporarily of my parochial fears!
As the rain drops seep down my heart,
All my skepticism slowly departs.

Franaticaly it unburdens all my worries,
Kicking off life’s all unwanted flurries.
Surreally it releases my nervosity,
Making me forget my anxiety!

As the purifying rain touches my soul,
All the disillusionment vanish regarding my goal!
Never does it forget to leave its legacy
That is ephemeral and more like a fantasy;
Including the enchanting smell of the water-soaked mud
And the vibrant charming rainbow
Which never fails to make our spirit glow!

Unveiling The Masquerade



Your innumerable trials
In fretful agita ,
To attain the perfect smile
That beseems immaculately
In the ever changing frame of others.
I fail to fathom
Your inner foist ,
If it is self obsession
Or the fear of unacceptability ?

When you choose to busily ignore ,
Those who have caused you hurt
It somehow seems like an intentional escape !
Have you really forgotten and forgiven them
Or is it your way to alleviate the pain ?

As you generously help and accompany others
Suddenly out of the way ;
I wonder if you are actually so benevolent
Or is to assuage your own helplessness and solitude ?

When you act nice as a pie ,

I fail to decipher ,
Between the Real you
And your arduous efforts
Meant to create an indelible impression !

During your euphoria moments
When you party overnight,
Coordinating moves with stentorian pop ;
I am not able to discern ,
If you are truly enjoying
Or just desperately trying
To resonate your achievements
In order to gather fame
Among your affluent invitees !

Seeing you suffering through the downs
When you resort to indoors ;
I eagerly wish to know
What are you hiding from ?
The sarcasm of the perfunctory world
Or is it your own scintillating aura
That you cannot watch disappearing !

My sincere efforts go in vain
As I try discovering you ,
For I miserably fail to define you !
Unable to reach even to a single conclusion
About the Real You !
I choose not to give up on you
For I know you are something divine !

Now I will wait
On my hand and foot ,
Even if it will be a long haul. ;
For that one day out of the blue ,
When you will have the courage
Of your convictions
And will take it in both hands
By loving yourself enough ,
To uncover your tightly fitted mask
Finally evanescing the air of pretence !

The Blue Sky Tag


It feels good to be a bearer of this tag which signifies infinite genuinity and simplicity (as I interpret literally).Moreover being different from virtual awards I find it unique and special as the formalities that are attached with this tag are fascinating (the question answer part).
I am extremely thankful to  Rav aka for passing on this lovely tag to me.I would kindly request everyone to have a glance at her blog where she intriguingly expresses her love for the world of stars!

Here are few Rav’s questions which I am supposed to answer :

1) What are you obsessed with right now?

I think I am so obsessed with my goal right now that it is reducing the efficiency of my daily karma and so I am trying to cool myself down.

2) What do you think is inside a black hole?

I feel fearful even thinking of it and so for me it is no less than blind death.

3) Which mythological creature would you bring to life, if given a chance?

I think Roman God of Love – Cupid as I have a long list of complaints ready to be filed against him! 

4) Do you believe that aliens have come to earth in the past?

No I don’t think so.

5) Which anime would you recommend and why? (ie if you watch)
I have watched very childish ones so don’t know which one to recommend.

6) A book/book series you feel that you should have written instead of that particular author?

‘Siddhartha’ by Hermann Hesse

7) What does your blog mean to you ?

A catharsis to vent off my emotions and a platform for learning and sharing.

8) How long have you been blogging? And what is your advice to rookie bloggers?

I have been blogging since last three and a half months.I would advise new bloggers never to write to impress anyone but just for self satisfaction!

9) Can you play any instrument(s)? If yes, what is it? If no, which instrument(s) would you like to learn?

I am learning Keyboard.

10) One unique thing about you.

I am an ambivert who can mix up with people of all ages.

11) Do like to dance or sing or both or neither of those?

I like to sing English songs only when no one has his ears near my throat.

Rules for passing this Tag are :

1.Thank the person (people) who nominated you.
2.Answer their 11 questions.
3.Tag 11 people.
4.Give them 11 questions to answer.

Therefore I pass this tag to the following people :

As per the above rule my 11 questions to the above mentioned nominees are:

1) what does spirituality mean to you?
2)If given an opportunity to change something in your past,what would it be?
3)What is your phobia/fear?
4)Do you ever think of writing a book?If yes,then what would it be based on?
(If you have already published your work,then you may mention your creations)
5)Which is your dream destination?
6)Who is that person or thing that melts you down (as in your weakness)?
7)Is there any habit or trait that you would like to change in yourself?If yes,then what is it?
8)Do you believe in the concept of ‘best friends forever’?
9)Is there any goal that you are currently chasing?
10)Whom do you ardently admire?
11)Do you believe in the statement that we are the creators of our own destiny?If yes then to what extent do you think it is true?

Redefining Myself


No longer can I allow the world to define me, I need to have my own definition,the one that is written by me and suits me the best.

No longer will I choose what I like over what is right for me as I know the consequences of the first.
Choosing an attractive and easy path can provide me temporary pleasure but in the long run it will turn out to be a just another ordinary life that the masses live, trying to satisfy themselves with less.

No longer do I need to impress anyone for it requires acting according to others’ preferences (being diplomatic, fake and pretentious).
Changing myself for others only causes suffocation and discomfort.Thus I will change only if it is essential for my growth as a human being.

No longer can I allow the external environment and its vivid factors to affect my peace for I cannot control anyone’s actions and behaviour.
All I can do is programme my mind (to accept/ignore and face) , choosing not to create internal disturbance.

No longer does it matter what others think or say about me for it describes their thought process.
All that actually matters to me is what I think about others because that is what will be first created in me and will therefore reflect my personality and affect my vibrations.

No longer do I need to take part in any such argument that holds no sense for such fights lead to no conclusion and end up wasting time.
I will speak only if necessary.

No longer do I need to prove myself or my way of righteousness for everyone has a different definition of being right and I need to respect it.
I am only accountable to God and supposed to give advices and suggestions to others only if I have stepped in their shoes before.

No longer do I need to say ‘Yes’ to every distraction that has nothing to do with my goal or its journey.
It is difficult for me to say ‘No’ but then I understand prioritizing needs is always more important.Moreover if things or people who deserve to be a part of my life will stay forever undoubtedly.

No longer do I need to hold expectations from anyone else as it certainly leads to disappointments at some point of time.
The only person who deserves to fulfil my expectations is myself.

No longer will I make contradictory statements and renege from my own words.
Since I have to be powerful and meaningful therefore I have to learn to stay true to my words.

No longer will I make my accomplishments a source of my happiness.
Achievements are important to me only because of the fact that every milestone crossed provides me with a new insight paving a way for another exciting journey.

No longer will I pass my time in wasteful analyzing for I really need to work hard to be the creator of my destiny and make things fall exactly the way I dream.
All it requires is to utilize each and every second of my life fruitfully.

No longer will I slog or trudge along the journey to my destination for it will only create misery and unhappiness.
I will find bliss in my work and will never quit.

No longer will I carry the baggage of hurt and pain in my heart for it is too heavy.
It is not that easy to drop it for I do not forgive easily but I have to do it for I have far more important things in my life to aim and focus.

No longer will I think twice before helping anyone about what comes back.
I will continue going out of my way for others because their smile and happiness is important to me.

No longer will I get emotionally attached to people and objects around me for I wish to be in the position of a ‘giver’ forever – always emitting love and kindness.
This requires great strength and sometimes not allowing the heart to fall but I think I will be able to do it for I understand its benefits.Moreover I also know how to take energy and love from God and so that will make me stronger,happier and independent.

I know implementing all that I have mentioned above will give me a hard time but I also know that I will be able to practice it for I am a ‘solution oriented’ individual deserving only what is best for ‘me’!

Platonic Love


This time it is all so miraculous
Experiencing love without its silly symptoms!
There is neither any butterflies in my stomach
Nor any giddiness in the head.
Even romantic tunes prefer silence
When we exchange
Our harmonious thoughts!

Similar opinions and views
On every subject
Leaves me amazed everytime;
As I get mesmerised
By your ever growing intelligence
And extraordinary charm.

Thinking about our vivid conversations
I cannot help smiling.
It is worth noticing
How tagging it all as unrealistic
You choose to play safe,
Not letting the fire in me
To grow wild!

I appreciate the clear line
You drew between us;
To prevent either of us
From getting too attached!

Sharing the same level
Of compatibility and understanding;
Blooms love and concern
Which is sans expectations,
Free of terms and conditions.

In the awe of our companionship,
I enjoy my own space and freedom
From those restraining relations,
Where love resorts
To wooing and courting!

Going beyond friendship
Creates the special element.
I wish I could fly
However your wise words
Highlighting my priorities
Keeps me focussed and grounded.

Even if Destiny
Does not hold our meet;
I will still be happy
Seeing you achieve great feats!