Redefining Myself

No longer can I allow the world to define me, I need to have my own definition,the one that is written by me and suits me the best. No longer will I choose what I like over what is right for me as I know the consequences of the first. Choosing an attractive and easy... Continue Reading →


Platonic Love

This time it is all so miraculous Experiencing love without its silly symptoms! There is neither any butterflies in my stomach Nor any giddiness in the head. Even romantic tunes prefer silence When we exchange Our harmonious thoughts! Similar opinions and views On every subject Leaves me amazed everytime; As I get mesmerised By your... Continue Reading →

One Lovely Blog Award

I feel great pleasure accepting this award.It is seriously unbelievable for it has not even been three months since I started blogging and it is my fourth award.I really feel blessed and great to be a part of this beautiful blogging community.Being a part of this world,has turned me laconic as now I enjoy reading... Continue Reading →

Choosing Happiness

Equating happiness with achievements Gives momentary joy to our temperament. This equation acts as a temporary inspiration Pushing us to continue the irrational motion. Unreasonably blood pressure goes up, Stress levels crosses all bearable limits In the attempt to attain The Ultimate Happiness. Finding comfort in people's appreciation Makes us proud and dependent. Breaking us... Continue Reading →

Exploring Love

For a while,I became narrow minded as I tried equating love with wooing and courting.What made me disillusioned was that there was always a desire for lust from the other side.Unfortunately,I too started enjoying such thoughts for a while.However,thankfully,God saved me from acting on those thoughts.A few acquaintances made me wonder if love is only... Continue Reading →

Sleepless Nights

There is neither depression Nor any evil intention; Yet there are sleepless nights, Unescapable attacks of panic and fright! I know the reason Of my popping fits of insomniac seasons; When I try hiding my tears To show I have no fear! Hurting people mistakenly, Never let my day pass smoothly! Intense attachments for me... Continue Reading →

Going Beyond Friendship

Broken and shattered they were, Silently enduring the pain For people reverted to their wishes With so much of negativity! Turning them heartless and hopeless. Blinding them to such an extent That everything seemed an illusion! However time was not to remain, Ever the same For relief had to release vexation; As they banged into... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Dad

                   Hey Dad, I don't know what to shower on you, Love or hatred; For you have never been there When I needed you the most! You were not there, When I took my first step Into this unknown world; Anyways it is okay dad For you... Continue Reading →

Versatile Blogger Award

I am feeling great accepting this award.Though I don't think my writings are versatile yet I honour it as an opportunity to pass it on to others who truly deserve it! I am extremely thankful to Kiran Goswami for nominating me for such a wonderful award.I would suggest all my viewers to visit her land... Continue Reading →

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