Vanishing for now…..

Hey Dear Friends; I am taking a break from blogging.I don't know for how long I will be away for it is time to carve my own path so that my noble intentions are able to execute something great in the near future.I would like to thank my wordpress family that has been so supportive... Continue Reading →


Choosing Happiness

Equating happiness with achievements Gives momentary joy to our temperament. This equation acts as a temporary inspiration Pushing us to continue the irrational motion. Unreasonably blood pressure goes up, Stress levels crosses all bearable limits In the attempt to attain The Ultimate Happiness. Finding comfort in people's appreciation Makes us proud and dependent. Breaking us... Continue Reading →


2016 has been the year of my transformation.I can describe it as the best as well as the worst year.Firstly,I will explain the reasons for it being the year of my actions that I will never like to repeat. I messed up with people whom I had been following since a long time.Someone tried pulling... Continue Reading →


[Reblogged from old site] This world  is an illusion, However everyone fails to realise this delusion. All people are here to play their parts, Either enjoying or groaning Along the worldly ride on their life carts. Some turn out to be hero and some devil. I wish people could realize, How they could hear their... Continue Reading →

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