The Blue Sky Tag

It feels good to be a bearer of this tag which signifies infinite genuinity and simplicity (as I interpret literally).Moreover being different from virtual awards I find it unique and special as the formalities that are attached with this tag are fascinating (the question answer part). I am extremely thankful to  Rav aka for... Continue Reading →


Versatile Blogger Award

I am feeling great accepting this award.Though I don't think my writings are versatile yet I honour it as an opportunity to pass it on to others who truly deserve it! I am extremely thankful to Kiran Goswami for nominating me for such a wonderful award.I would suggest all my viewers to visit her land... Continue Reading →

Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award

It gives me a bout of intense excitement to be nominated for the 'Lovely Solidarity Blogger Award.' More than the award what delights me more is being chosen as one of the nominees by atrangizindagieksafar aka Ranjeeta Nath Ghai, with whose efforts I stepped into this beautiful Blogging community. I don't think I will ever be... Continue Reading →

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