Felt The Need to Share this…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wJreF9FN0O4 I didn't plan to come here back on wp but after hearing Sister Shivani,I felt the need to share the above video as most of us lack the power of acceptance in today's fast paced world.Thus I politely request all my dear friends to take out some time and watch this video.It reflects on... Continue Reading →


Vanishing for now…..

Hey Dear Friends; I am taking a break from blogging.I don't know for how long I will be away for it is time to carve my own path so that my noble intentions are able to execute something great in the near future.I would like to thank my wordpress family that has been so supportive... Continue Reading →

At My Own Pace

Recently I have been reading 'Discover Your Destiny' by Robin Sharma.There are beautiful lessons on each page which are not motivational but transformational.It is truly a fact that motivation dies but discipline stays. Unlike other books,I am reading this one very slowly so that I am able to absorb each and every word and apply... Continue Reading →

Lessons from the Nature

I wish to expand like the infinite sky Whose power is beyond any limit or measure. I wish to stand like the unshakable mountain Whose determination can never be shattered. I wish to be like the never still wave That always rise after the fall. I wish to be like the fruit laden tree That... Continue Reading →

Karma is Bliss

While I constantly work upon myself to evolve into a better being ,I observe a pattern of emotional imbalance in my mind at frequent intervals .This extremities of emotions is not a repercussion of any success  failure in my life rather it is the result of disillusionment in my mind. While working ,I feel content... Continue Reading →

Redefining Myself

No longer can I allow the world to define me, I need to have my own definition,the one that is written by me and suits me the best. No longer will I choose what I like over what is right for me as I know the consequences of the first. Choosing an attractive and easy... Continue Reading →

Choosing Happiness

Equating happiness with achievements Gives momentary joy to our temperament. This equation acts as a temporary inspiration Pushing us to continue the irrational motion. Unreasonably blood pressure goes up, Stress levels crosses all bearable limits In the attempt to attain The Ultimate Happiness. Finding comfort in people's appreciation Makes us proud and dependent. Breaking us... Continue Reading →


2016 has been the year of my transformation.I can describe it as the best as well as the worst year.Firstly,I will explain the reasons for it being the year of my actions that I will never like to repeat. I messed up with people whom I had been following since a long time.Someone tried pulling... Continue Reading →

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