Vanishing for now…..

I don’t know for how long I will be away from blogging.It is time for me to carve my own path and stand on my own legs so that my noble intentions are able to execute something great in the near future.I would like to thank my wordpress family that has been so supportive and loving.I have learnt a lot from this humble fraternity.I think in reality,I don’t feel so special as I feel here.A heart felt warm gratitude to Mrs.Ranjeeta Nath Ghai aka is the person behind my blogging.Without her I hold no existence here.I also got a pleasant opportunity to connect with great like minded bloggers here.

I would like to leave some lines from the book (Discover Your Destiny by Robin Sharma) that I have been reading recently :

”It is hard to believe that we live in a world where most people are more concerned with following the crowd and doing what everyone else is doing than living the dreams.Getting to the end or even the middle of your life and waking up one day to the understanding that you did not dare,that you did not reach for the stars,that you did not realize even one-tenth of your potential will break your heart.At the end of our lives,what fills our hearts with regret are not all the risks we took instead,what causes us to feel immense sadness is thinking about all the risks we didn’t take.There is but one failure in life that is the failure to try.”

”The past is a grave and it makes no sense to spend your life living in a grave.Every ending represents a new beginning.You cannot move forward in life if you’re stuck looking in the rear view mirror”

”Everyone of us creates a story about his own life,even if he only tells it to himself.For some,the story is all about being a victim.The way they are because of their childhoods or because of the bad things that have happened to them.So many people in the world today are professional victims.Because playing victim is easy.You do have to take have to assume any responsibility for the way your life looks.You can blame everyone else for what’s not working in your life,never having to look at yourself and make the changes required.”

”Every year I live I am more convinced that the waste of life lies in the love we have not given,the powers we have not used,the self prudence that will risk nothing,and which,shirking pain, missed happiness as well.No one ever yet was poorer in the long run having once in a lifetime let out all the length of the reins.”

These were the above few lines that have forced me to take control of my life so that I don’t regret later.
As I see so many great people around me who are doing noble work for the needy,all I realize is that their lives have never been easy.It has always been a struggle yet they never brag or blame anyone for their past failures.It enlightens me with the fact that our success is directly proportional with the sacrifices we undertake.Therefore we should sincerely work hard towards our goal and not let the distraction of the masses affect our passion,beliefs and values !
I am sharing a poem at the end of this post which is written by me and dedicated to all those who sink in grief at times.

Take care and remember me in your prayers.


How long do you wish to grieve?
Gobbling aleve is not a reprieve
Crying endlessly overnight
Triggers panic attacks of fright.
You know it well
That no one can hear you cry,
Then why wet the pillow
Nothing is worth your billow!

It is time to control life’s baton
So break the moan and move on!

Pluck all the strings of heart
Without turning tart.
Grooves in the heart may never heal
Yet they may be neatly sealed.
Suffering has made you hollow
Yet hope commands you to wallow!

It is time to ban the trials of appeasement,
By learning the art of detachment.

There is no need to brag
For this perfunctory world will discard it like a rag!
Learn to keep rants to yourself
For no being will act as an elf.
Life is not a pain
Then why do you act insane?

It is time to be independent
Without sinking in abandonment!

Strolling behind aimlessly
Is like playing with life foolishly.
Kick off your depression,
Articulate goal with a new vision.
Stop acting gullible,
All your weaknesses are eradicable!

It is time to show bravery
For the mind hates your slavery!

Never rely on a shoulder
That offers you relief,
Instead be a soldier
Uprooting others’ grief!
Everyone is fighting a harder battle,
Then why exhaust others with your prattle!
For no one will never empathize,
Rather foolishly sympathize!

It is time for you to rise,
Be a philogeant to tranquilize.
Vandalize the delusion,
Demystify the illusion!
Time for awakening,
Realize your passion and austerity
To make your dreams a reality.

It is time to leave the world of fallacy,
To create your province of ecstasy!


At My Own Pace

Recently I have been reading ‘Discover Your Destiny’ by Robin Sharma.There are beautiful lessons on each page which are not motivational but transformational.Now I seriously believe that motivation dies but discipline stays.

Unlike other books,I am reading this one very slowly so that I am able to absorb each and every word and apply it in my life.I have always been wondering that why I feel so disillusioned at times despite the fact that I read so many spiritual writings and listen to great people around who are always high in positivity.Although I have not finished reading the book yet I am satisfied to discover the cause of my state.
I came across the following lines which struck very hard on my madness to change my fretful nature :

Personal transformation is not a race.Actually,sometimes the harder you try to change,the longer it takes.So many people treat self discovery like an extreme sport – rushing to get all their healing at a frenetic pace.They read book after book.they visit guide after guide and attend seminar after seminar.They want to know the answers to the big questions they are struggling with.But someone who cannot sit in the mystery of their lives and enjoy the process of personal growth is a person in fear.”

I felt as if the above mentioned lines are written for me for I have been taking transformation as a personal challenge and so failing to apply change in my life,I suffered breakdowns.I have been forcing things on myself at a hurried pace without knowing its true benefits.It was like whenever I came across something positive,I immediately tried implementing it without accepting the challenges or discipline that accompany or is wanted with that good.It was as if I was creating a false sense of security thinking that it would be a nice way of alleviating pain.Rather bringing change slowly, one at a time,I have been acting madly to be the best of myself.I have tried being an open book so that I feel I am very clear and pristine.However now I realize,Kaizen technique is what I need to apply in my life.Rather than rushing for gulping the best that is available around,I need to choose what suits me the best and then absorb,no matter how much time it takes.
I used to get super excited whenever I read people’s stories of self discovery thinking such miracles would happen with me too.I failed to realize that it is a personal experience that varies from person to person.It happens with those who identify their fears and the barriers which have been hampering their inner growth and then seek cheerful ways to rise above them.
Thus from now on, I have decided that I will work patiently on myself and keep a constant check on my thoughts to keep my words and actions in control.

Karma is Bliss

While I constantly work upon myself to evolve into a better being ,I observe a pattern of emotional imbalance in my mind at frequent intervals .This extremities of emotions is not a repercussion of any success  failure in my life rather it is the result of disillusionment in my mind. While working ,I feel content and focused. However when I think about my future goals,skepticism arise in my mind.It is not a depressive state for the period of inner hollowness is not prolonged.

Anyways,fed up of this weird feeling,I mailed to my great mentor,last night.Fortunately I got a call from him this morning and he answered my questions peacefully.So here I post the conversation(hope it helps few).

Teacher: Good Morning! I saw your mail early morning.It seems your are too perturbed.Well, what made you write that long mail.
Me: Sir,I was feeling anxious,sleepless and little abnormal last night and so just wrote my heart out.
Teacher: How ‘Abnormal’?
Me: I wrote about disillusionment and that is what makes me feel weird!
Teacher: This is what all of us suffer at some point in our life and so there is nothing abnormal.We all learn to face it by ignoring our negative thoughts as we focus on our karma!
Me: Although I am doing my karma yet I feel so dissatisfied.Moreover there is nothing such as negative thoughts in my mind.
Teacher: Any thought that drains your energy,leaving you unhappy is negative,so accept that you are indulging in negativity and your mind is becoming habituated to it.By the way,you are not doing your ‘karma’ well.
Me: Okay.What makes you say that I am not doing my duties well as I am working hard.
Teacher: One can indulge in such sinking thoughts only in idle time when one is escaping his karma or when there is probably no clarity in mind regarding the right karma.
Me: No,it is not like that.I am doing my duties well.It is only during the time when I am walking,eating,bathing or even trying to sleep that my thoughts run at a very fast pace and I feel hollow and blank at the same time.
Teacher: So don’t you think that even activities like walking and eating require the attention of your brain as they are important for your body.Thus,even they are a part of your duties that deserve to be performed well.
Me: Yes.
Teacher: Then why not live in the present when you have so much to do.Your plans to help the needy in the near future can be a reality only when you choose your thoughts wisely towards your goals.
Me: But goals make me disillusioned.
Teacher: Goals are the driving force,they can never make one feel disillusioned.It is the journey that you are fearing.You are forgetting your infinite potential and doubting your own capabilities.Don’t plan so much for you never know God’s will.All you can do is climb the little steps to your destination without fearing your fall.
Me:But the fear of fall will always be there!
Teacher: Why,what worse will happen when you will fall.In case you get injured,there are many antiseptics available in the market.Apply it and then resume the climb.
Me: It is not that easy to start again.
Teacher: It is not a new start for you will be an experienced fellow and so you will be more careful and wise.More the experience,greater the chance of your success!Moreover let me clarify further that this feeling of disillusionment is never a random thought but a pain of the past that has not fully healed and that sinks you down.Therefore develop immunity to face the obstacles and  pain.Don’t try to suppress it or alleviate it by wasteful thinking or by taking overdoze of motivation otherwise this feeling will continue popping up.This is also the reason of your lacking will power.
Me: Yes you are right.I feel totally drained out during such times and that actually affects my other activities too.
Teacher: Just focus on performing your karma well,everything else will fall in right place and you will feel happy internally!Life is too short,don’t bother about the failures.Everyone has their own lows but choice is ours.Whether we choose to rise back to find the higher purpose of our life or continue being lost in the wasteful thoughts about our gone past or uncertain future,depends entirely on us.
Me: Yes you are right.Doing right karma at the right time whole heartedly will leave no time for me to sink in negativity.Thank you so much for your guidance.
Teacher: I hope,I made some sense and I will pray that you don’t cling to those thoughts again!

Redefining Myself


No longer can I allow the world to define me, I need to have my own definition,the one that is written by me and suits me the best.

No longer will I choose what I like over what is right for me as I know the consequences of the first.
Choosing an attractive and easy path can provide me temporary pleasure but in the long run it will turn out to be a just another ordinary life that the masses live, trying to satisfy themselves with less.

No longer do I need to impress anyone for it requires acting according to others’ preferences (being diplomatic, fake and pretentious).
Changing myself for others only causes suffocation and discomfort.Thus I will change only if it is essential for my growth as a human being.

No longer can I allow the external environment and its vivid factors to affect my peace for I cannot control anyone’s actions and behaviour.
All I can do is programme my mind (to accept/ignore and face) , choosing not to create internal disturbance.

No longer does it matter what others think or say about me for it describes their thought process.
All that actually matters to me is what I think about others because that is what will be first created in me and will therefore reflect my personality and affect my vibrations.

No longer do I need to take part in any such argument that holds no sense for such fights lead to no conclusion and end up wasting time.
I will speak only if necessary.

No longer do I need to prove myself or my way of righteousness for everyone has a different definition of being right and I need to respect it.
I am only accountable to God and supposed to give advices and suggestions to others only if I have stepped in their shoes before.

No longer do I need to say ‘Yes’ to every distraction that has nothing to do with my goal or its journey.
It is difficult for me to say ‘No’ but then I understand prioritizing needs is always more important.Moreover if things or people who deserve to be a part of my life will stay forever undoubtedly.

No longer do I need to hold expectations from anyone else as it certainly leads to disappointments at some point of time.
The only person who deserves to fulfil my expectations is myself.

No longer will I make contradictory statements and renege from my own words.
Since I have to be powerful and meaningful therefore I have to learn to stay true to my words.

No longer will I make my accomplishments a source of my happiness.
Achievements are important to me only because of the fact that every milestone crossed provides me with a new insight paving a way for another exciting journey.

No longer will I pass my time in wasteful analyzing for I really need to work hard to be the creator of my destiny and make things fall exactly the way I dream.
All it requires is to utilize each and every second of my life fruitfully.

No longer will I slog or trudge along the journey to my destination for it will only create misery and unhappiness.
I will find bliss in my work and will never quit.

No longer will I carry the baggage of hurt and pain in my heart for it is too heavy.
It is not that easy to drop it for I do not forgive easily but I have to do it for I have far more important things in my life to aim and focus.

No longer will I think twice before helping anyone about what comes back.
I will continue going out of my way for others because their smile and happiness is important to me.

No longer will I get emotionally attached to people and objects around me for I wish to be in the position of a ‘giver’ forever – always emitting love and kindness.
This requires great strength and sometimes not allowing the heart to fall but I think I will be able to do it for I understand its benefits.Moreover I also know how to take energy and love from God and so that will make me stronger,happier and independent.

I know all that I have mentioned above will give me a hard time but I also know that I will be able to practice it for I am a ‘solution oriented’ individual deserving only what is best for ‘me’!

Irony Of Humanity


Whether I look here or there,
All I see is people lamenting
Over lost lives, lost fortune and lost strength!
Irony emerges,
For no one understands
True imperishable nature of the soul!

Very well it is known to people,
Peace rests in positive thinking
Still they indulge in wasteful analysing.
No opportunity do they leave,
To knock down others
As egoism is what each one suffers!

Perfectly do they know the art of  annihilation,
By their unique technique of humiliation.
Bragging about the possessions have become a habit,
All they love,
Is to stay in their pretentious ambit!

Across the world,
People act as perfect counsellors,
Yet for the their own homely conflicts
Search is for a chancellor.
Men of broken families turn out to be great philosophers,
Sudden fame they gain
As composers and orators!
Unique insight they have on relationships,
Despite having suffered all hardships!

Over time Thinking has grown enormous
But performance still remains apprehensive
Words and actions are never in harmony!
Faces show ignorance towards enemies;
Inwardly, for ending the grudges
Looking they are for permanent remedies!

It is an irony to watch,
People of strong convictions
Becoming prey to superstitions;
Many with high ambitions
Give in to fake predictions!

Everyday Humans sermonize
In prayers and hymns during sunrise
That God lies within the soul
Yet searching Him has become their life’s ultimate goal!
Wander they do
To the farthest sacred place
With a desire to see His face.
Failing to realize Him within
They become diseased
The whole life is exhausted
With body ailing in pain
And finally turning insane;
For nothing can be outwardly found
No Supreme power can be felt
No Trial of delving in spirituality
No Miracles of deity
No Experience of divinity!




How often during the day, do we talk to our real self? Do we ever think before speaking or ponder on our spoken words after they are out in the Universe? Have we ever tried speaking what we actually mean or rather meant, what we actually spoke?

Sometimes we do analyze ourselves and feel the urge to change. However, mostly we pass the blame onto our hectic, unfulfilling life, which does not inspire us to delve within the ‘self.’

Those who do not indulge in introspection, my article will serve as a warning signal for them. If we do not establish a good relationship with our soul, life will go the same way as it has been going on -like a roller coaster ride (full of ups and downs).We will always follow the old belief system that convinces us to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our life. But believe me, it is just the turmoil of emotions rising within the mind that develops our perception towards life. If we want happiness to be everlasting, we need to train our soul by nurturing it.

It is just like any worldly relationship. If enough time and affection is not given to it, it gets affected negatively. A similar thing happens when we do not connect with our soul. There can be so many reactions that pop up suddenly which are uncontrolled and basically not the right ones. There might have been so many situations that have left us confused, disturbed, depressed, void of any peace , unenthusiastic or rather uncomfortable. If such unexpected reactions and situations are recurring then I can surely say there are still things deep within us that lie undiscovered.

So my Dear Readers, if we are not careful about our inner energy, this worldly life will use it up entirely and discharge our inner beauty!

All I want to say is that do not let any emotion affect or pull you down so hard or badly that you are forced to explore yourself. There’s an apt saying, “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness”. Instead it will be better if you start the search now so that you do not have to experience the downfall!



2016 has been the year of my transformation.I can describe it as the best as well as the worst year.Firstly,I will explain the reasons for it being the year of my actions that I will never like to repeat.
I messed up with people whom I had been following since a long time.Someone tried pulling me down and in return I acted as a demon(I cannot believe it now but I seriously turned revengeful).Then I dropped out from the race of my dreams that I have been chasing from high school.For a while I completely lost my zeal,enthusiasm and the willingness to work.I even forgot for a few months that I am still 20(so probably have a right to commit mistakes and take risks).This made me indulge into self criticism and I was trapped in a ‘cognitive triad’.I was too depressed seeing my life going directionless.There were so many contradicting thoughts.All I can now say that it was just useless overthinking.

However something that changed my life was my sudden interest to delve in spirituality.I desperately wanted to come out of my guilt mode in which I was constantly harming myself.Spirituality calmed all my anxiety and helped me come out of depression.It totally changed my perception about life.Then I realised how gullible I had been.By giving the remote control of my mind to other people and situations,I was ruining my life.I also met people who were in situations worse than me;people who experienced a sudden downfall or lost their loved ones.From such people,I learnt that I need to smile and be thankful in all circumstances as my  condition is much better than so many existing on this earth.After all what I was experiencing was just temporary.No thing or situation was to remain same forever.

2016 has been really very special for me as it taught the real meaning of ‘Happiness’ and ‘Joy’.

Thus, I learnt the following lessons during the year;

*From Relationships:
-Never be pretentious.Be natural and express all feelings clearly.
-Never compromise for someone by sacrificing the real ‘self’.
-Love unconditionally(I mean no ‘give and take’,just give without expectations).
-Accepting people as they are.(Either accept or  leave,no need to suffocate).

*From life:
-Never search happiness in people or objects.Searching in others means being dependent.This will certainly be the cause of loneliness at some point of time.
-Life is not a competition.It is all about giving the best of the ability.
-Accepting the results or the fruits of the action as they are.
-There is nothing such as ‘luck.’It is all a matter of past Karmic account.

Oh,I forgot to mention my achievements during the year.So I would love to tell everyone that I have got rid of my extreme judgemental nature!I have thereby turned into a philogeant(though a partial one).I am finally at peace as no longer I suffer from insecurities of losing.All I realise that each human being is on its own journey and so we do not need to be like anyone or crave for the lifestyle that the other is living.We do not have any right to  criticise anyone.So now I know the joy of life does not lie in beating others but winning over the weaknesses of the ‘self’!

So for the upcoming New Year,I have no special resolutions except for one.It is to stick to the path that I have recently chosen for myself while keeping the lessons in my mind!