Unveiling The Masquerade



Your innumerable trials
In fretful agita ,
To attain the perfect smile
That beseems immaculately
In the ever changing frame of others.
I fail to fathom
Your inner foist ,
If it is self obsession
Or the fear of unacceptability ?

When you choose to busily ignore ,
Those who have caused you hurt
It somehow seems like an intentional escape !
Have you really forgotten and forgiven them
Or is it your way to alleviate the pain ?

As you generously help and accompany others
Suddenly out of the way ;
I wonder if you are actually so benevolent
Or is to assuage your own helplessness and solitude ?

When you act nice as a pie ,

I fail to decipher ,
Between the Real you
And your arduous efforts
Meant to create an indelible impression !

During your euphoria moments
When you party overnight,
Coordinating moves with stentorian pop ;
I am not able to discern ,
If you are truly enjoying
Or just desperately trying
To resonate your achievements
In order to gather fame
Among your affluent invitees !

Seeing you suffering through the downs
When you resort to indoors ;
I eagerly wish to know
What are you hiding from ?
The sarcasm of the perfunctory world
Or is it your own scintillating aura
That you cannot watch disappearing !

My sincere efforts go in vain
As I try discovering you ,
For I miserably fail to define you !
Unable to reach even to a single conclusion
About the Real You !
I choose not to give up on you
For I know you are something divine !

Now I will wait
On my hand and foot ,
Even if it will be a long haul. ;
For that one day out of the blue ,
When you will have the courage
Of your convictions
And will take it in both hands
By loving yourself enough ,
To uncover your tightly fitted mask
Finally evanescing the air of pretence !


Platonic Love


This time it is all so miraculous
Experiencing love without its silly symptoms!
There is neither any butterflies in my stomach
Nor any giddiness in the head.
Even romantic tunes prefer silence
When we exchange
Our harmonious thoughts!

Similar opinions and views
On every subject
Leaves me amazed everytime;
As I get mesmerised
By your ever growing intelligence
And extraordinary charm.

Thinking about our vivid conversations
I cannot help smiling.
It is worth noticing
How tagging it all as unrealistic
You choose to play safe,
Not letting the fire in me
To grow wild!

I appreciate the clear line
You drew between us;
To prevent either of us
From getting too attached!

Sharing the same level
Of compatibility and understanding;
Blooms love and concern
Which is sans expectations,
Free of terms and conditions.

In the awe of our companionship,
I enjoy my own space and freedom
From those restraining relations,
Where love resorts
To wooing and courting!

Going beyond friendship
Creates the special element.
I wish I could fly
However your wise words
Highlighting my priorities
Keeps me focussed and grounded.

Even if Destiny
Does not hold our meet;
I will still be happy
Seeing you achieve great feats!


A Letter to My Dad


                   Hey Dad,

I don’t know what to shower on you,
Love or hatred;
For you have never been there
When I needed you the most!

You were not there,
When I took my first step
Into this unknown world;
Anyways it is okay dad
For you were checking
The steps of our enemies across the border.

You were not present
When I uttered my first word ‘Dad’
While everyone else was around.
Anyways it is okay dad
For you had no other option
Than to follow the commands of your seniors.

I wish you were here
To take my side and resolve the conflicts
As I had arguments with mom;
Anyways I let it go dad
For you had numerous skirmishes
To win over,anyhow.

I still remember the false promises
You made every year
To be there on my birthday;
Anyways I understand dad
For you had bigger commitments
Towards our nation!

I wish you could atleast make it
To the competitions and events
Where I shone no less than a star;
Anyways it is okay dad
For you were struggling hard
Between your transfers.

How I wanted so many times
That you could be here to console mom
When you went to the wars;
However we never lost hope
Regarding the upcoming days
When we would dine and play together

So you see dad
I am ready to forgive you
As I understand
Nation always comes first
But only if you can come back!
I don’t know where to post this letter now
As I am tired looking for you
Around the world;
For you exist nowhere
Other than my memory!


A Pain In My Heart……


I still remember,
Your sugar coated fancy words,
The mesmerising smile on your face.
Unfortunately,I can never forget,
Your surprisingly innovative gifts
That popped from different corners.
All was so enchanting,
As if there was magic in the air!

You knew it well,
How easily I was getting captivated by your charm;
For I was drawing closer to you;
As the days of our companionship
Were increasing in numbers.
However you falsely carried on,
Through your fake wooing part.

Nothing hurts me more
Than your last words,
Leading to our break up;
When you chose to part ways
Saying it was all ‘ONE SIDED’!

I wish if you could know,
What I have been through!
After you left me abandoned
With no evidence,
That could prove your affection towards me.
Rightly it is said;
The more the attachment,
Higher is the pain on unfulfilled expectations.
Thereby expanding the duration of healing.

There was no urge of rebounding,
Neither any heartbreak nor a single tear.
I was just in a trauma,
For having loved a man
Who turned to be a liar,
By disagreeing from his own words!

I hold no desire,
For having you back.
However I find it necessary,
Letting you know,
That I truly loved you by my heart;
Even if it was just a fun by your side.
All the sacrifices I made
Which I still not intend to tell you,
Were my hard efforts
To make you feel comfortable!

I am still wondering,
What made my heart fell for you;
If for a long term
You had no intention,
Reciprocating my deep sentiments back!

(It is just a piece of my imagination)


[Reblogged from old site]

This world  is an illusion,
However everyone fails to realise this delusion.
All people are here to play their parts,
Either enjoying or groaning
Along the worldly ride on their life carts.
Some turn out to be hero and some devil.

I wish people could realize,
How they could hear their inner voice.
But people in their roles are too busy,
Unconcerned to reveal their soul’s mystery!

Watching others is an irony,
The way people depend on prophecy.
Instead of having their own convictions,
People rely on predictions.

Humans fight for wealth, property and possessions,
And having got them all still suffer from depression.
Ears become deaf in the sound of worldly objects,
And eyes turn blind to see what the soul tries to project!

We neglect the sufferings of others that we see,
And just get busy in our own glee.
All of us lack sensitivity,
As the soul has forgotten all its dignity.

Whatever materialistic we acquire is the body’s obsession
And not our soul’s suggestion.
Our soul does warn us from time to time to see the real goal,
But we still ignore the guidance of the soul.

Everyone wants to create things by wasteful imagination
And not by the soul’s creation.
All our deeds are for others’ appreciation
Instead for our soul’s recognition!

People find pleasure in relationships
And cheer and rejoice in all friendships;
It creates a sense of possessiveness
And one loses all his submissiveness.
Failing to realize all that it creates is attachments
That a stage comes,
When they are broken in fragments!

Each soul today is insecure
Because no one is using the right cure.
As all have closed their internal receptors
And so have become the ultimate predators!

HE as his angels has sent many wise
But no one wants to listen to their advice.
Each one knows
The soul finds peace in meditation
Still no one wants to spend time in HIS devotion!

I wish each one knew their inner potential,
To realize how much the soul is substantial.
Failing to realize their power and propulsion
None are able to break the ongoing deception!
Although the world is advancing
Yet the soul is demeaning.

Grant me the sincerity
To make others know the verity.
Not by adopting blind measures which are strange
But by myself being a change.
So that each one can feel Your presence
And realize their soul’s essence!