Unveiling The Masquerade

  Your innumerable trials In fretful agita , To attain the perfect smile That beseems immaculately In the ever changing frame of others. I fail to fathom Your inner foist , If it is self obsession Or the fear of unacceptability ? When you choose to busily ignore , Those who have caused you hurt... Continue Reading →


Platonic Love

This time it is all so miraculous Experiencing love without its silly symptoms! There is neither any butterflies in my stomach Nor any giddiness in the head. Even romantic tunes prefer silence When we exchange Our harmonious thoughts! Similar opinions and views On every subject Leaves me amazed everytime; As I get mesmerised By your... Continue Reading →

A Letter to My Dad

                   Hey Dad, I don't know what to shower on you, Love or hatred; For you have never been there When I needed you the most! You were not there, When I took my first step Into this unknown world; Anyways it is okay dad For you... Continue Reading →

A Pain In My Heart……

I still remember, Your sugar coated fancy words, The mesmerising smile on your face. Unfortunately,I can never forget, Your surprisingly innovative gifts That popped from different corners. All was so enchanting, As if there was magic in the air! You knew it well, How easily I was getting captivated by your charm; For I was... Continue Reading →


[Reblogged from old site] This world  is an illusion, However everyone fails to realise this delusion. All people are here to play their parts, Either enjoying or groaning Along the worldly ride on their life carts. Some turn out to be hero and some devil. I wish people could realize, How they could hear their... Continue Reading →

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