I Still Dare to….

When Life is losing meaning
And ambiguity is surrounding,
Even though I hate my way
Which aimlessly has no say
I still dare to love myself!

When the people around me turn heartless
And part ways in abruptness,
Even though I want to howl in virulence
I still dare to learn acceptance!

When I know the world is going down with sin
And I am becoming deaf in this din,
Even though I want to run away
I still dare to face and firmly stay!

When love is no more than lust
And I know it is the flyaway unsettled dust,
Even though my hormones turn illicit
I still dare to draw my limit!

When the relations are a transaction
And all sharing comes with an equation,
Even though I want to pay back proportionally
I still dare to give unconditionally!

When the air around is perfunctory
And the current is the artificial accessory,
Even though I want to turn selfish
I still dare to be helpfully beamish!

When no differences prolong
Between the right and the wrong,
Even though I want to forget the right
I still dare to hold my values tight!

When my courage debilitate
And people curse my bad fate,
Even though I want to drown
I still dare to dream wearing the crown!

When my world is breaking down
And I see the plant uprooted from the seeds I had sown
Even though I don’t have the spirit to cope
I still dare to blindly hope!

When I see no guiding light
And I no longer will to fight,
Even though my faith depletes while I plod
I still dare to believe in God!

When all colours seem alike
And I blame my disillusioned psych,
Even though I see no beauty
I still dare to act nifty!

When the world is wearing drapes of pretence
And I can very easily sense,
Even though I want to uncover the masks boldly
I still dare to ignore silently!

Sometimes I really wonder
Why cannot I choose to sunder,
All that is deceptively vice
But then how will I grow wise?
Even if all goodness is a sham
I will still dare to be what I am!


The Colourful Night

After a long time I could see the beauty around me that has probably always been there but I refused to notice and feel it. I realized why the Moon despite being spotted has been the subject of so many poems in english literature. Being the natural source of light at night, it is actually worth admiring! As there was a cool breeze blowing in my area last night, I saw the Trees dancing and the Flowers turning brighter while they bloomed with all their vigor. I am attaching a few pictures here that I clicked yesterday, standing by the gate of my house.
Also, I would request not to judge my photography skills for I am not really good at clicks and so suggestions are welcomed!ūüėÖ

2018-06-01-14-11-41While the yellow moon played hide and seek with the trees, the flowers couldn’t help blooming and the night couldn’t get more scenic than this!

2018-06-01-14-17-34.jpg           There is no night for this dual colour bougainvillea as it sways timelessly!

2018-06-01-14-17-06This was the closest I could get to the moon!

2018-06-01-14-16-20             This is the little garden in my house where grass is still finding its way to grow.

*P.S :- The white light that is brightly visible in the photographs is the street light.



Blotching her with the ink of lust,
He abandoned her like a schmatte!
After quenching his thirst
And endlessly devouring on her
He chose to scrap her off
Pushing her into the stony pit!

The milieu of memories,
That gravely rusted her brain
Served as a curse
Aggravating her misery.
But with hatred taking power,
Born were the chances
For redolent triggers to fade away.
But what to do of the injury ?
That bled incessantly.
Imprinting scars on her body
Reflecting permanent afflictions!

Were they just the ordinary scars
To be ignored impetuously
Or were they symbolic of a tragedy?
Oh yes they had a sickness to convey.
For injuries were not transient!
As they mirrored a tormenting travail.

Pain augmented at such a pace,
That before preventions could be applied,
Cracks surfaced her heart,
With grief penetrating through the ridges.

Denying the brutal well deserving separation,
She rested in a delusion .
Marked by the limiting boundaries
Of unconscious ignorance,
She found herself all alone,
In a desert with no drops of survival.

How long could she blind herself,
To escape from the reality ?
As long as she refused to accept,
Ambiguity was bound to surround!

No mission, No vision
No shelter, No shoulder
Oh lost she was!
Not knowing what to do and where to go
She headed without a direction
Reminiscing her past.

Arms Against The Own

Related image
War or Peace
Was never a choice
For battle was destined!

He moved in the spirit of a combatant
Ignorant of the attachment pull.
But anxiousness had to attack
For the rivals were not a novelty
But his kith and kin.

What fruits would the war bore?
For anyone’s win
Would make him the ultimate loser;
His victory would stain him with blood
While his defeat would fail righteousness
So the revolt was anyway futile!

The son of a heroic mother felt lost that day
When he had no other possibility
Than to fight against his own blood.

He never wished for those possessions
In return of the countless deaths.
He felt destructively aimless,
His faint heart made him weak
Imagining how cruel fate had turn
He never wanted the war to commence!

It was not only a fight for the land or the lady
But also against the internal turmoil
That blurred the vision
And displayed no justice
In raising the arms or the weapons.

Cowardliness dithered him
From taking those warrior steps
Until Lord enlightened him
With his real Karma
To establish Dharma!

Valor and vigor had to be invited
To uproot the evil
And end the suffering.

With no ambiguity
War had to begun
And escapism was a mark of the fear
That had to fade,
For the deception had to be vanquished
With the evolution of the truth.

Well he had to learn
The transitory nature of the body
That has to be perished,
While the soul was to stay immortal
Just changing forms and attires.

He had to be strong
To show the world
That greed has to lose
And virtues have to win!

Sinner has to die
Hero ought to live eternally,
Thus war had to begun
For a new birth and a life
Where only rightful nobility would prevail.

Are We Real Patriots?


Hi Dear friends,
I have especially come here to wish all my dear Indian friends a very
                                       HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY !

It is necessary to talk about our freedom struggle for spreading awareness among the ignorant and few anti-nationalists who sometimes under the shade of the Right to the Freedom of Expression accuse their own motherland where they have taken abode.
While we celebrate this holiday today in merry making,one or two soldiers in the Border Security Force might have reached heaven.Each one of us except the real heroes deserving the actual credit gets an off today.

Several Indian soldiers die each year in cross border firing.My heart aches to reveal that these skirmishes are majorly provoked by the Pakistani warriors.Yes, it is that Pakistan which was once a part of the huge land mass ‘Hindustan.’ ¬†One should be free of expectations but I seriously don’t understand how can one stab his own brother.
Anyways my article is not to condemn any nation’s evil intentions or actions but I want to throw light on the never ending struggle of our militants.I apologise for being harsh in my words but I cannot help it.
When any of our soldiers die,we tag it as the most honourable death and assign them the title of martyrs.Sympathies are offered to their families and some posthumous awards maybe rewarded on patriotic festivals.For just twice a year, we remember these heroes who spend their entire lives on the border safeguarding the nation.
Indifferent people lacking sensitivity who think it is a soldier’s duty to guard the nation,just see the perquisites and ransom salary offered to his family.It is a shame that such people fail to perceive the true Indian valour.
I think all the pain our soldiers bear is for the welfare of others and whatever they are assigned in return is too less as compared to the risk they undertake while fighting for our nation.It is an irony that the film stars who devote a few months to a movie earn much more than the real heroes who surrender their whole life to this country and its people!
Each Indian must realize that all the liberty that we have today including the right to speak fearlessly in public is the grace of our combatant brothers who prevent any alien enemy from entering the nation and hampering our growth.Even the sound sleep that we take in our air conditioned rooms at night is no matter of fortune but a result of their perspiration and bloodshed.
We might feel sensitive for a while and develop goosebumps as we hear the agony faced by our fearless brothers.However soon all becomes oblivion as we get busily involved in our own daily clutter.No one is ever concerned to even just empathise once with the soldiers’ families which are haunted day and night by the fear of losing their loved ones.
Our militants’ selfless love for the nation can be reflected by the way they are detached from their own families.They hardly remember when was the last time they were with their own families sharing meals or celebrating festivals together.Their sacrifices are immeasurable and beyond any comparison.
I just wish to give such heroes a grand salute who have humbly given up their personal desires and interests and are ready to relinquish their lives at any moment in order to gift the civilians a peaceful living.
Our fighters love for the nation can be compared to the mother’s love for her child which is purely unconditional and selfless.Thus these people are our real role models excelling in character,virtues and valour!
For all of us,who cannot provide any kind of financial or emotional help to our soldiers and their families,it is a polite request to atleast make such great people a part of the daily prayers!
#Jai Hind
#Vande Mataram
#Sare Jahan Se Achha Hindustan Hamara

Felt The Need to Share this…

I didn’t plan to come here back on wp but after hearing Sister Shivani,I felt the need to share the above video as most of us lack the power of acceptance in today’s fast paced world.Thus I politely request all my dear friends to take out some time and watch this video.It reflects on our beggarly state of mind as we often crave for acceptance and appreciation.Moreover it speaks that how hollow we have become as we don’t have the power to accept and face the truth or hear something against our opinion.

I am sure that while hearing this young engineer lady,you will smilingly agree with most of her insights and will know your dynamics of mind better than before.

Vanishing for now…..

Migratory Birds Flying at Sunset

Hey Dear Friends;
I am taking a break from blogging.I don’t know for how long I will be away.I would like to thank my wordpress family that has been so supportive and loving.I got to learn a lot from this humble fraternity.I also got a pleasant opportunity to connect with great like minded bloggers here.
I hope to return soon.
Anyways I am sharing few lines dedicated to all those who sink in grief at times:


How long do you wish to grieve?
Gobbling aleve is not a reprieve
Crying endlessly overnight
Triggers panic attacks of fright.
You know it well
That no one can hear you cry,
Then why wet the pillow
Nothing is worth your billow!

It is time to control life’s baton
So break the moan and move on!

Pluck all the strings of heart
Without turning tart.
Grooves in the heart may never heal
Yet they may be neatly sealed.
Suffering has made you hollow
Yet hope commands you to wallow!

It is time to ban the trials of appeasement,
By learning the art of detachment.

There is no need to brag
For this perfunctory world will discard it like a rag!
Learn to keep rants to yourself
For no being will act as an elf.
Life is not a pain
Then why do you act insane?

It is time to be independent
Without sinking in abandonment!

Strolling behind aimlessly
Is like playing with life foolishly.
Kick off your depression,
Articulate goal with a new vision.
Stop acting gullible,
All your weaknesses are eradicable!

It is time to show bravery
For the mind hates your slavery!

Never rely on a shoulder
That offers you relief,
Instead be a soldier
Uprooting others’ grief!
Everyone is fighting a harder battle,
Then why exhaust others with your prattle!
For no one will never empathize,
Rather foolishly sympathize!

It is time for you to rise,
Be a philogeant to tranquilize.
Vandalize the delusion,
Demystify the illusion!
Time for awakening,
Realize your passion and austerity
To make your dreams a reality.

It is time to leave the world of fallacy,
To create your province of ecstasy!