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Hi Dear Friends :-

I am on my way to catch my dreams and on this path I suffer from extremities of emotions! I do not know if my hormones are to be blamed for it so currently for the time being I am trying to attain a balance between my fits of super excitement and depressing anxiety.I am a philanthropist and have a strong desire to uplift people’s way of thinking simply by throwing light on the philosophy that the nature and our circumstances try to teach.However,whenever I feel I am becoming a slave of my mind,I read this following quote and calm myself down;

Image result for if a man going down into the river quote


I believe more than our life it is the mindset that goes through the so called unexpected ‘ups and downs’. Many a times,people and circumstances are not as bad as we perceive them. Even if they are worse,there is always another option or a back door. It is just that we need to discover the opportunity that can act as our saviour. Those who discover the cause and effect of all occurrences on this planet,become the enlightened ones and while for others,life continues to be just the same,a hell! Hence I certainly believe that we are what we think and so I take the sole responsibility of my past,present and future(the so called destiny).

All I love is to read, chase my passion and write my mind. Something that satisfies my soul is bringing a smile on many faces! Although I am no writer or a literary person yet I love to write because it is a catharsis for me for I think I will die otherwise.

I might stay  inactive on this blog because I also have to catch my dreams along, so kindly ignore any future inconvenience. However please feel free to share your views as I need advices and hope in this journey to keep myself alive and to evolve a best version of myself.


51 thoughts on “Know Me”

  1. Hope is ever-present on the rays of the sun, and on the moonbeams at night;)
    You’ll feel it on your way to catching your dreams!
    It tells me you have a lot of internal strength…
    For only the brave can attempt such a committed cause!

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  2. Hi Shivangi,
    I loved the appearance you have given here to your blog…. it’s very different…. Read a few posts and they are too good. Your writing has a very nice flow…. and it feels good to read these. Thoughts too are very inspiring and worth thinking. You seem to have worked hard on your blog! Great job!
    Keep smiling:)

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    1. Thank you so much sir for visiting my blog.I am extremely glad to know that my thoughts are meaningful and inspiring.Your words mean a lot to me!:)♡
      By the way,I didn’t work that hard on my blog as I had it all my mind,was just waiting to get it out and I think nothing can be better than a blog.
      I know I always share my brags with you and so you might be wondering,seeing this side of me!:)


  3. The quote by Gautama Buddha needs a deep sense of philosophical understanding. Personally I find it rather intriguing and truly believe there is precious little anyone can do to help others.

    I look forward to reading more of your writings. Cheers and be very well. 😀

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    1. Yeah,it requires a great understanding.I actually have a strong desire to effectuate a change however sometimes gullibility attacks me,and I get swayed.Therefore,I post this quote here for it gives me clarity towards my goals.
      Thanks for visiting my blog.

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    1. Thank you so much for your kind response.Your words make me feel like a responsible girl!I hope to keep the walk nice for long as we reflect so much through our words.
      By the way,congratulations for you have a wonderful versatile blog!:)


  4. Shivangi!
    I have browsed your blog and found it as what you have said very frankly.
    At the same time you have understood Life in all it’s ways.
    Trying and mending life to our Happiness and bringing good thoughts around is a task.
    I congratulate you for you are doing that.
    Fond Regards,

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    1. I am feeling glad to know that I am bringing good thoughts on this blog for I just noticed that I have messed up my blog with words that reflect my anxiety and desperateness for unworthy things.
      Thank you so much for going through my writings,sir.


      1. I am happy you realised certain things which were most important.
        So before you imprint things on your blog read and think several times. That shall really work. Make them more shorter and in it shall there be everything what you want to tell. I hope you understand. Hope I am not bothering you.

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  5. I like the way you express yourself as a person. You are a greater writer and a Explorer. Never get disheartened by anyone as they are a part of your life. The passion of reading and writing is natural in everyone which is a beautiful gift of mankind. So don’t think much about your writings. Keep chasing your dreams unless it is fulfilled. Don’t get angry when I am unable to write a large review. ( Just kidding)
    In short you are a natural talented writer.
    Keep smiling and be happy is my motto. ☺

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  6. I enjoyed reading about you. I value how you point out that every situation has more than one point of view or perspective. We are conditioned to look at the bad of bad and be sad. And when you discover, there are many ways to interpret events/happenings, then finding the ‘good in all’ is not that hard.
    Thank you for finding my blog, ren

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    1. It feels great to be valued by a valuable person.I agree with your words which say we are conditioned to look at the bad.Moreover finding good in every situation is not that hard and even if it is then we should have faith on God and ourselves that we will make through the tough times!
      Thank you for visiting my blog.

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  7. Read some of your poems and Really enjoyed reading them and also enjoyed reading about you. Great work and keep writing and spreading wisdom and happiness. All the best 🙂

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  8. Thank you for liking one of my comments and leading me to your blog. I will enjoy following your writings /your sharings and I thank you deeply for being here in this bloggered world. — ren

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  9. Hi, Shivangi. I love your attitude. Don’t give up! :-). People are good individually, yes. Only from social learning and in groups they do things they would never do alone. That is why we need to help people for more self-reliance. And indeed, we become what we think. What better than to encourage people to be their best self. I’m happy that we re connected. Send you a lot of energy!:-) all the best, Mathias

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    1. Yes you are absolutely right Mathias.Moreover even while encouraging others to be their best self,we are helping our own self as we are creating an atmosphere of satisfaction.I am also glad to have come across your blog.Thank you so much for this great energy!:-)

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  10. Heya, I don’t think you need to take advice from others, you are already so clear about your vision. I feel happy to see people like you who have enough clarity about their life. I love to know more about pure soul like you.
    You are doing a great job. I wish to be in your good books.

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  11. Thank you so much for connecting with me/”Following” me. I am following you, too, and I look forward to us getting to know more about each other. Yours is a light that is much needed and appreciated, and I hope you get so much more from this community than you even imagined! 🙂


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