The feel of Rain

Last week,I was driving my scooty along a lonely road with a friend sitting behind me when suddenly a mild storm hit the area.Since the winds were chilly,we planned not to stop rather I lowered my driving speed.Soon there was a downpour and so we enjoyed the rain while driving at a snail’s pace.It was the first time that I had gone wet completely.Although I love rains yet never got an opportunity to enjoy it for it always rained at the wrong time earlier when I could not afford to get wet.Most importantly,my mom fears that I will get sick so probably I never took the risk to go against her wishes as she is very strict.However this time I took advantage of my situation and could not stop myself to take a feel of getting wet in the rain.The experience was great and I cannot express in words how I was feeling at that time, free of worries and most importantly the upward curve on my face was constant! Anyways I have written few lines regarding my experience.I hope it is worth a read.

The pitter-patter that comes the rain,
Unconsciously soothes my brain.
Very soon it makes me wet,
Yet I enjoy the chills without a fret!

The tranquil susurration that play in my ears,
Rids me temporarily of my parochial fears!
As the rain drops seep down my heart,
All my skepticism slowly departs.

Franaticaly it unburdens all my worries,
Kicking off life’s all unwanted flurries.
Surreally it releases my nervosity,
Making me forget my anxiety!

As the purifying rain touches my soul,
All the disillusionment vanish regarding my goal!
Never does it forget to leave its legacy
That is ephemeral and more like a fantasy;
Including the enchanting smell of the water-soaked mud
And the vibrant charming rainbow
Which never fails to make our spirit glow!


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  1. Ah rains…. how I love them… the day I was born there was thunder and rains. Till to date there always a thunderstorm followed by rains on my birthday…. even now I love to get wet in the rain to avoid slipping I now take my garden chair and relax in it while getting wet enjoying myself hearing the peacocks crow…

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