Unveiling The Masquerade



Your innumerable trials
In fretful agita ,
To attain the perfect smile
That beseems immaculately
In the ever changing frame of others.
I fail to fathom
Your inner foist ,
If it is self obsession
Or the fear of unacceptability ?

When you choose to busily ignore ,
Those who have caused you hurt
It somehow seems like an intentional escape !
Have you really forgotten and forgiven them
Or is it your way to alleviate the pain ?

As you generously help and accompany others
Suddenly out of the way ;
I wonder if you are actually so benevolent
Or is to assuage your own helplessness and solitude ?

When you act nice as a pie ,

I fail to decipher ,
Between the Real you
And your arduous efforts
Meant to create an indelible impression !

During your euphoria moments
When you party overnight,
Coordinating moves with stentorian pop ;
I am not able to discern ,
If you are truly enjoying
Or just desperately trying
To resonate your achievements
In order to gather fame
Among your affluent invitees !

Seeing you suffering through the downs
When you resort to indoors ;
I eagerly wish to know
What are you hiding from ?
The sarcasm of the perfunctory world
Or is it your own scintillating aura
That you cannot watch disappearing !

My sincere efforts go in vain
As I try discovering you ,
For I miserably fail to define you !
Unable to reach even to a single conclusion
About the Real You !
I choose not to give up on you
For I know you are something divine !

Now I will wait
On my hand and foot ,
Even if it will be a long haul. ;
For that one day out of the blue ,
When you will have the courage
Of your convictions
And will take it in both hands
By loving yourself enough ,
To uncover your tightly fitted mask
Finally evanescing the air of pretence !


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

46 thoughts on “Unveiling The Masquerade”

  1. I think we can unveil the person behind the mask. If our way is correct or if you are an ardent fan of Sherlock Holmes๐Ÿ˜‰. I also believe that the person who is masquerading has a reason for the same which can be anything but a mystery to solve. As everything comes with a clause.

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  2. It’s an amazing piece of thought penned beautiful..

    Zindagi ki rahon may hum milte Kai logon se,
    Kuch se hum ghulte milte, to Kuch se Sirf milte.
    Kaun kaisa Hai Kya Hai, kehna mushkil Hai. Kyonki har koi pehna ek Naya nakaab Jo padhna namumkin Hai…

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  3. You are a poet blessed with words. Thank you for this piece. It’s important to show our face that’s behind the mask. Be who we really are. Great reminder. Thank you. โค๏ธโ€‹

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