Platonic Love


This time it is all so miraculous
Experiencing love without its silly symptoms!
There is neither any butterflies in my stomach
Nor any giddiness in the head.
Even romantic tunes prefer silence
When we exchange
Our harmonious thoughts!

Similar opinions and views
On every subject
Leaves me amazed everytime;
As I get mesmerised
By your ever growing intelligence
And extraordinary charm.

Thinking about our vivid conversations
I cannot help smiling.
It is worth noticing
How tagging it all as unrealistic
You choose to play safe,
Not letting the fire in me
To grow wild!

Iย appreciate the clear line
You drew between us;
To prevent either of us
From getting too attached!

Sharing the same level
Of compatibility and understanding;
Blooms love and concern
Which is sans expectations,
Free of terms and conditions.

In the awe of our companionship,
I enjoy my own space and freedom
From those restraining relations,
Where love resorts
To wooing and courting!

Going beyond friendship
Creates the special element.
I wish I could fly
However your wise words
Highlighting my priorities
Keeps me focussed and grounded.

Even if Destiny
Does not hold our meet;
I will still be happy
Seeing you achieve great feats!



Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

59 thoughts on “Platonic Love”

  1. Natural love is indeed the most beautiful phenomenon of life as we care for that person more than we do to ourselves . Well expressed in the form of a poem.
    Keep writing and you will become better than the best.๐Ÿ˜Š

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                1. Yes,I know actually it Is equivalent to deep friendship without a thought of intimacy.Moreover nowadays,it is not possible to have such it seems unrealistic…However being in long distance with my friend,this is the great love that exists between us.

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  2. what age groups of people normally found in platonic love…??? and if the both person decided their boundaries after falling in love…. how u can say they are in platonic relationship…???

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    1. Thanks sir for reflecting back.In my opinion,there is no age or any status required for being in platonic love.It is true companionship where there is love and hope but no as such desire or expectation of tying each other in bondage of any relationship status.


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