Choosing Happiness


Equating happiness with achievements
Gives momentary joy to our temperament.
This equation acts as a temporary inspiration
Pushing us to continue the irrational motion.
Unreasonably blood pressure goes up,
Stress levels crosses all bearable limits
In the attempt to attain
The Ultimate Happiness.

Finding comfort in people’s appreciation
Makes us proud and dependent.
Breaking us down badly
Into anxiety and depression
When people resort to silence!

Assigning happiness to a goal
Is acting like a fool
For postponing it is useless
When the urgent need of contentment
Is in the present!

All I realize is that Happiness
Is not a feeling but a state.
Trying to maintain it
Is not God’s will
But only our choice.

Success is only worth celebrating
If no sadness prevails.
Enjoying the journey
With an upward curve on our faces
And Crossing the hurdles
With unshakable determination
Will eventually open our minds
To accept the innumerable reasons
That give us joy
Along this jerky ride;
Thereby helping us to evolve
Into A blissful being!



Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

39 thoughts on “Choosing Happiness”

  1. Your philosophy, enshrined in this poem, matches with traditional Indian doctrine of how to perform one’s duty. Easy to listen, difficult to put in to practice. Nonetheless, well articulated.

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  2. When I worked for that Indian couple and their father, they would mention how many things in India are directly opposite of the way we look at them in the Western world. I think this might be one. We tend to think that “we are happy because good things happen to us.” This says “good things happen to us because we are happy.”

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    1. Thanks for the appreciation Mr.Sylvester.Yes you are right,happiness is a state.However by giving the remote control of our mind to other people and objects,we subject happiness to terms and conditions.And so you are absolutely right,we need to take this power back. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  3. Being happy with ourselves and forgiveness towards ourselves is of utmost importance. We often judge ourselves too harshly and forget to be happy in process of making others feel happy. If you try to make everyone happy… you’ll succeed 50% but in process you’ll be the most unhappiest person around. So first learn to be happy from within…. rest will automatically fall in place. I practice this now…. have done the stupidity of trying to please Ppl. Now I keep myself happy….no stress no tensions. A lovely poem dear… enjoyed till the the last….

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