Exploring Love


For a while,I became narrow minded as I tried equating love with wooing and courting.What made me disillusioned was that there was always a desire for lust from the other side.Unfortunately,I too started enjoying such thoughts for a while.However,thankfully,God saved me from acting on those thoughts.A few acquaintances made me wonder if love is only true when we express it by being physical!

Nevertheless,what I feel now is that love is actually never about such cravings and if it is then in my opinion,it is never true love but ‘body love’.I don’t like when young men approach me saying I have ‘seductive eyes’ or a ‘perfect figure’.Their comments do make me feel good for a moment but I also wish if they can look beyond the ‘looks’ to know the real me or my soul.Maybe I am abnormal and very serious,unwilling to give in to temporary pleasures so easily,when it comes to relationships.

For me,true love is about understanding and being there for each other.Of course trust and loyalty comes along with it naturally.I feel it is all about compatibility in terms of intelligence level and sense of humor.

Other than the male-female relationships,there are several other relations whose foundation lays on true love.The bond that keeps us connected to our parents,grandparents,relatives and friends is nothing but just love.In case of parents,love is undoubtedly in the purest form.I can say it with confidence because no matter how many arguments I have with my mom but by the end of the day,it is only she who is actually concerned if I had my dinner.

Well,the best kind of relationship that I experience of unlimited love is with God.It is because no matter I remember him or not,he is there for me all the time.I know he is going to stay with me forever.Parents’ love can seem conditional at times but God’s love is infinite and unconditional.

Throwing light on the daily life experiences,I realize that if we want love,it is very easy in today’s world.It is because each person is lonely and hollow from inside just as we are.Everyone has a soft corner which needs to be appreciated.Thus all we need to do is just be a helping hand in someone’s life and give tremendous love by being expressive and sending positive vibrations .The results may or may not be instant,but we will get back love in double quantity provided we don’t expect it from the same person.For example helping someone randomly or even feeding stray animals,always counts and attracts tremendous love and blessings,because remember you are one among the hundreds who does such acts of kindness and love.Believe me,nowadays people have no time for even love,so if you are not that busy,be proud of yourself!

At the end of the day,love is also a matter of perception and so each person defines it differently.For some people,intimacy might be a means of showing love while for others it can be just a temporary pleasure worth trying,also to mention that there can be a category of people for whom it can even be a sin.
There can be people who do not feel the existence of God and thereby for life long be deprived of the experience of heavenly love.There are people who spend their entire life experiencing inexplicable joy by giving happiness and love to others.

Thus,no matter whichever concept of love,you believe in,just learn to give without expectations.Try being a cause of smile in someone’s life.And remember once you start giving love,never take a step back for you might end up hurting someone.
I think,just as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and so does love in the hearts of few special souls!


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

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45 thoughts on “Exploring Love”

  1. “It is because each person is lonely and hollow from inside just as we are.Everyone has a soft corner which needs to be appreciated… ”

    This is so true on what you said.. in today’s fast paced world everyone is lonely from heart.. relationships are made with some expectation of result.. but yes midst all this there is the existence of a divine love.. and when we love ourself we love god.. we are then able to love others.. and end result, happiness..

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    1. Yeah,you are right.I have noticed this,the days when I indulge in self criticism,I even stop talking to God.It is not intentional but the connection with God breaks automatically.Thereby,since at such times we are not taking energy from God,so we cannot even vibrate love and sadness prevails.
      Very well said,ma’am.

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  2. “The results may or may not be instant,but we will get back love in double quantity provided we don’t expect it from the same person.” That is an interesting statement! It makes me want to ask you, do you think it would still be worth loving people even if you never got back any love from anyone? I’m very curious to hear what you think.

    Very interesting thoughts about love. Thanks for sharing them!

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    1. I am glad you found my post fascinating.Thank you so much. πŸ™‚
      How can you say that we will never get the love back.Of course we will get it back provided we keep our mind and heart open to feel it.Having expectation to get it back from the same person might break us down badly and so I mentioned that point.You might have experienced sometimes people out of the way coming to help you or unknowingly showing love or even giving blessings without even knowing you well.What do you think,it just happened like that.No,it didn’t,it happens because we might have been kind to someone in the past and so God is simply paying it back in the form of some other human being.
      I hope I interpreted your question in the right sense,is it!?

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  3. I’m so sorry, Shivangi, I did not make my question clear enough. Please excuse me. What I meant was this: What do you think it is about loving people that makes loving them valuable and worthwhile? Is it just that if you love someone, God will make it happen that you will be loved by someone else in return? In that case, the value of love is that when you love someone, you get love back (usually from someone else).

    But is that the only value of love in your opinion? What would you think of love if you did not get any love back for loving someone? Would you think love was still valuable and worthwhile?

    I am asking these questions because your views about love are very interesting views.

    If you are curious about my own views, I think loving people is valuable and worthwhile even if no one loves you in return. It is valuable and worthwhile because it makes life better and happier when you love people. At least that’s how I see it. But what about you?

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    1. Oh,please no need to be sorry,dear friend.’Love’ is such a subject that misinterpretations are bound to occur.You are exactly right.Since your views match perfectly with mine so now I need not answer your question.I didn’t want to sound philosophical(because for some it sounds unrealistic)and that is why I did not write much earlier.However you have got it in absolutely right sense.Your following words is all that I too meant:
      ”I think loving people is valuable and worthwhile even if no one loves you in return. It is valuable and worthwhile because it makes life better and happier when you love people.”

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    1. Oh,Thank you so much for calling me wise.But then even you are wise for you share the same views.
      Actually to be frank, having come across some disappointments has made me strong enough to only give love without expectations.Though it is really difficult at times but then I remind myself that I have to be the master of my mind and not slave.

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  4. Where there is faith their is peace. Your strength of purpose may be tested from time to time… but you’ll always be guided in the right direction…. only you must hold on to faith. Faith in your own capability and faith in your God… and you shall succeed.

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  5. I read many of your posts. The way you write, i guess in my opinion, is so raw but at the same time tender, and thats what i love about it. This isn’t just for this post of yours, but for many others too.
    The way you defined love was amazing. I share much of your views. Though i am a bit curious here:

    “Once you start giving love,never take a step back for you might end up hurting someone.”

    This statement may be right. But i am a bit sceptical of the word “never”here. Don’t you think that sometimes what you really NEED to do is take a step back so you don’t end up hurting yourself?? Because sometimes you need to be selfish and think about what is best for you.
    This is only my opinion. And i only want to understand your point of view, hence the question. ☺

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    1. Thanks for going through my scribblings and yes they are raw.
      I feel if that is the case where there is a fear of attachment and then getting hurt,then we really need to take a step back for our happiness is of utmost importance.
      However just think for a while for how long can we allow this fear of getting hurt to overhaul our real personality of emitting love.Hurt comes only when we develop an attachment and thereby follows unfulfilled expectations.Therefore we need to be emotionally strong.Developing such a state of mind where you continue giving without expectations is difficult but practicing spirituality in daily life really helps to develop a strong shield around us that makes us immune to hurt and pain.
      I hope I interpreted your question in the right manner and my answer makes some sense.

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      1. Yes. You are right. But its not the FEAR of getting hurt. Its about the point where you are actually hurting.
        Also, according to me, if you continue to give love to someone and make them happy, you are bound to get attached to them. It is not in your power. So is the case with expectations- you get attached to someone and soon, without you noticing, you start expecting in return. It is human nature and there are like only 0.01% chances of that not happening.

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        1. Even if it is actually hurting or expectations,all crops from attachment.Believe me, getting attached or not is totally in our control,we just need to train our mind,daily meditating and reminding ourself of our natural traits is really helpful,many people are practising it around the world and experiencing miraculous results.Moreover when we start this process we not only get eventually immune to hurt but also develop a knack at identifying the persons who are just like us believing in giving and that is what makes us feel connected to such people.Therefore since we then connect to such like minded people,then even if we expect,there is no hurt as such.

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          1. I see.. Well thank you for sharing your views with me. I am surely going to try to instill in me this trait. I would actually love to be free of hurt.
            Once again thanks!
            And keep up the good work you do with your blog! 😁

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