A Letter to My Dad


                   Hey Dad,

I don’t know what to shower on you,
Love or hatred;
For you have never been there
When I needed you the most!

You were not there,
When I took my first step
Into this unknown world;
Anyways it is okay dad
For you were checking
The steps of our enemies across the border.

You were not present
When I uttered my first word ‘Dad’
While everyone else was around.
Anyways it is okay dad
For you had no other option
Than to follow the commands of your seniors.

I wish you were here
To take my side and resolve the conflicts
As I had arguments with mom;
Anyways I let it go dad
For you had numerous skirmishes
To win over,anyhow.

I still remember the false promises
You made every year
To be there on my birthday;
Anyways I understand dad
For you had bigger commitments
Towards our nation!

I wish you could atleast make it
To the competitions and events
Where I shone no less than a star;
Anyways it is okay dad
For you were struggling hard
Between your transfers.

How I wanted so many times
That you could be here to console mom
When you went to the wars;
However we never lost hope
Regarding the upcoming days
When we would dine and play together

So you see dad
I am ready to forgive you
As I understand
Nation always comes first
But only if you can come back!
I don’t know where to post this letter now
As I am tired looking for you
Around the world;
For you exist nowhere
Other than my memory!



Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

47 thoughts on “A Letter to My Dad”

  1. Poignant.
    My thoughts return to a world sans borders. Alas there is a surge of nationalism across borders.
    This may interest you – MyCountryEarth -available on Obooko (gratis).
    Thanks for the visit, reads and likes. 🙂

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  2. This makes me really sad. It’s hard for me to imagine where I would be right now if my daughter and I had not always made sure that we would both be in each other’s lives following the divorce. I know of another woman who lost her Dad to the military shortly after she was born, and I think he sort of used it as an excuse to opt out of the responsibilities of fatherhood. If it had been me, the responsibilities and dangers of military life would have been far more unwieldy than the joys of fatherhood, so it is very difficult for me to understand. I want to share this with my other friend, if you don’t mind. Also, the writing is absolutely beautiful – and powerful. I had to read it on two different nights to ascertain that this was actually your own experience. I am sorry that you Dad was not there for you.

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    1. I am sorry for I made you sad.It is wonderful that you and your daughter are the support system for each other.I seriously don’t know whom to empathise with,the military father or his child for both are correct in their own way.I made this post on India’s Republic Day just to throw light on the struggle of army families.
      Fortunately you are wrong this time,my dad does not belong to army.Although we do not share a good relation yet I feel blessed to have him in my life.
      Feel free to share this post.

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  3. Oh! I did get it wrong then. Well – in a way I am no longer sad. My dad was also in the service, but he was usually around unless he was on a long tour. The only thing about my upbringing is that it forced us to have to move around every couple years, because the U.S. Navy kept stationing him in different cities. Well – thank you again; the post was very well-written.

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  4. I highly appreciate this letter as it’s a replica of your feelings. It is an emotional post which made my eyes moist. It’s not an article but a letter written from the bottom of the heart.
    I like your courage and confidence as you can openly express your feelings to the whole world. If I were you, I would never have published my personal feelings to everyone. So this is absolutely fantastic.
    I don’t know much about your relationship with your father, but I know that you love him very much.The question which you asked where should I post this letter to is not unanswerable. It is clear that you should send it to your heart where your father lives in your life.
    I know how it feels without a father that’s the reason I can understand it more than an ordinary a person.
    As far your dad is concerned to me he is a very brave and good person in life. I salute him and every military man who can dedicate his life towards the nation who is greater than anybody else.
    This letter has inspired me to write an article based on our soldiers, but I am extremely sorry to read it after a month.
    Keep Smiling and wait for me to write more feedbacks on your amazing blog.
    Till then keep writing and thinking.

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