Irony Of Humanity


Whether I look here or there,
All I see is people lamenting
Over lost lives, lost fortune and lost strength!
Irony emerges,
For no one understands
True imperishable nature of the soul!

Very well it is known to people,
Peace rests in positive thinking
Still they indulge in wasteful analysing.
No opportunity do they leave,
To knock down others
As egoism is what each one suffers!

Perfectly do they know the art of  annihilation,
By their unique technique of humiliation.
Bragging about the possessions have become a habit,
All they love,
Is to stay in their pretentious ambit!

Across the world,
People act as perfect counsellors,
Yet for the their own homely conflicts
Search is for a chancellor.
Men of broken families turn out to be great philosophers,
Sudden fame they gain
As composers and orators!
Unique insight they have on relationships,
Despite having suffered all hardships!

Over time Thinking has grown enormous
But performance still remains apprehensive
Words and actions are never in harmony!
Faces show ignorance towards enemies;
Inwardly, for ending the grudges
Looking they are for permanent remedies!

It is an irony to watch,
People of strong convictions
Becoming prey to superstitions;
Many with high ambitions
Give in to fake predictions!

Everyday Humans sermonize
In prayers and hymns during sunrise
That God lies within the soul
Yet searching Him has become their life’s ultimate goal!
Wander they do
To the farthest sacred place
With a desire to see His face.
Failing to realize Him within
They become diseased
The whole life is exhausted
With body ailing in pain
And finally turning insane;
For nothing can be outwardly found
No Supreme power can be felt
No Trial of delving in spirituality
No Miracles of deity
No Experience of divinity!


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

33 thoughts on “Irony Of Humanity”

  1. Great piece of writing Shivangi and it is an Irony of human folly. We are all like that our karmas and impressions have we brought with us from ages and this ego does not want to let us go so easily and you said it so properly that people who are not good at their home fronts become gurus and lead people but one has to look completely within to know who you are. God has made us all from Him but he is not there to pamper us we have to find him in us. Beautiful loved your words.

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      1. Thanks Shivangi but that is a fact that God who has made us from Him and when he says I am the Ocean and you too are one with me, we think we are a bubble and not a part of the ocean and so this is our human folly, so have to come and go till we realize our true nature.

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    1. Only if we can talk to ourselves for a while daily and remind ourselves of our real nature independent of others’ and objects,can we easily stay soul conscious.Daily taking out out time for reminding our selves of our own real goodness is of utmost importance.When we forget the practise problems crop up otherwise it is all a smooth ride!

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