A Pain In My Heart……


I still remember,
Your sugar coated fancy words,
The mesmerising smile on your face.
Unfortunately,I can never forget,
Your surprisingly innovative gifts
That popped from different corners.
All was so enchanting,
As if there was magic in the air!

You knew it well,
How easily I was getting captivated by your charm;
For I was drawing closer to you;
As the days of our companionship
Were increasing in numbers.
However you falsely carried on,
Through your fake wooing part.

Nothing hurts me more
Than your last words,
Leading to our break up;
When you chose to part ways
Saying it was all ‘ONE SIDED’!

I wish if you could know,
What I have been through!
After you left me abandoned
With no evidence,
That could prove your affection towards me.
Rightly it is said;
The more the attachment,
Higher is the pain on unfulfilled expectations.
Thereby expanding the duration of healing.

There was no urge of rebounding,
Neither any heartbreak nor a single tear.
I was just in a trauma,
For having loved a man
Who turned to be a liar,
By disagreeing from his own words!

I hold no desire,
For having you back.
However I find it necessary,
Letting you know,
That I truly loved you by my heart;
Even if it was just a fun by your side.
All the sacrifices I made
Which I still not intend to tell you,
Were my hard efforts
To make you feel comfortable!

I am still wondering,
What made my heart fell for you;
If for a long term
You had no intention,
Reciprocating my deep sentiments back!

(It is just a piece of my imagination)


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

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