How often during the day, do we talk to our real self? Do we ever think before speaking or ponder on our spoken words after they are out in the Universe? Have we ever tried speaking what we actually mean or rather meant, what we actually spoke?

Sometimes we do analyze ourselves and feel the urge to change. However, mostly we pass the blame onto our hectic, unfulfilling life, which does not inspire us to delve within the ‘self.’

Those who do not indulge in introspection, my article will serve as a warning signal for them. If we do not establish a good relationship with our soul, life will go the same way as it has been going on -like a roller coaster ride (full of ups and downs).We will always follow the old belief system that convinces us to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of our life. But believe me, it is just the turmoil of emotions rising within the mind that develops our perception towards life. If we want happiness to be everlasting, we need to train our soul by nurturing it.

It is just like any worldly relationship. If enough time and affection is not given to it, it gets affected negatively. A similar thing happens when we do not connect with our soul. There can be so many reactions that pop up suddenly which are uncontrolled and basically not the right ones. There might have been so many situations that have left us confused, disturbed, depressed, void of any peace , unenthusiastic or rather uncomfortable. If such unexpected reactions and situations are recurring then I can surely say there are still things deep within us that lie undiscovered.

So my Dear Readers, if we are not careful about our inner energy, this worldly life will use it up entirely and discharge our inner beauty!

All I want to say is that do not let any emotion affect or pull you down so hard or badly that you are forced to explore yourself. There’s an apt saying, “Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness”. Instead it will be better if you start the search now so that you do not have to experience the downfall!


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

15 thoughts on “NURTURING THE SOUL”

  1. If we want happiness to be everlasting, we need to train our soul by nurturing it…..
    And the best way is to learn to love yourself one… not as a narcissist but as a person. Learn to love and respect the person that resides in YOU. Remember that you can’t make everyone happy but you can definitely make one person happy. That’s yourself. Don’t try to please everyone. Because in that case you be a unhappy soul.

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  2. Connecting with our soul often has to be done slowly, and it can be a lonely journey within. But it is always worth the effort as it is then that we find out who and what truly makes us happy. Just like we cannot know happiness without sadness, we cannot know ourselves without time.

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    1. Very well said!It seems to be a lonely journey in the beginning but once we discover all the truths about ourselves,it proves to be the most satisfying journey.Time is of course the best master as it gives us an opportunity to experience so much unexpected which eventually evolves the real ‘self’.Thanks Mabel for stopping by.

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