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This world  is an illusion,
However everyone fails to realise this delusion.
All people are here to play their parts,
Either enjoying or groaning
Along the worldly ride on their life carts.
Some turn out to be hero and some devil.

I wish people could realize,
How they could hear their inner voice.
But people in their roles are too busy,
Unconcerned to reveal their soul’s mystery!

Watching others is an irony,
The way people depend on prophecy.
Instead of having their own convictions,
People rely on predictions.

Humans fight for wealth, property and possessions,
And having got them all still suffer from depression.
Ears become deaf in the sound of worldly objects,
And eyes turn blind to see what the soul tries to project!

We neglect the sufferings of others that we see,
And just get busy in our own glee.
All of us lack sensitivity,
As the soul has forgotten all its dignity.

Whatever materialistic we acquire is the body’s obsession
And not our soul’s suggestion.
Our soul does warn us from time to time to see the real goal,
But we still ignore the guidance of the soul.

Everyone wants to create things by wasteful imagination
And not by the soul’s creation.
All our deeds are for others’ appreciation
Instead for our soul’s recognition!

People find pleasure in relationships
And cheer and rejoice in all friendships;
It creates a sense of possessiveness
And one loses all his submissiveness.
Failing to realize all that it creates is attachments
That a stage comes,
When they are broken in fragments!

Each soul today is insecure
Because no one is using the right cure.
As all have closed their internal receptors
And so have become the ultimate predators!

HE as his angels has sent many wise
But no one wants to listen to their advice.
Each one knows
The soul finds peace in meditation
Still no one wants to spend time in HIS devotion!

I wish each one knew their inner potential,
To realize how much the soul is substantial.
Failing to realize their power and propulsion
None are able to break the ongoing deception!
Although the world is advancing
Yet the soul is demeaning.

Grant me the sincerity
To make others know the verity.
Not by adopting blind measures which are strange
But by myself being a change.
So that each one can feel Your presence
And realize their soul’s essence!


Author: -@thesoulfulempathizer

Learning to grow unconditionally. Philomath|Philomuse|Philogeant|

34 thoughts on “THE INFINITE ILLUSION”

  1. Technology has enabled us to see so many things in this world, and yet we still become blinded by the little things. We often think wealth represents everything, but without happiness, peace, and health, we really don’t have anything. Well written!

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  2. Hi Shivangi, I would say simply awesome and loved every stanza of your poem of so much wisdom and all what you said was absolutely true. We are all in a world of illusion and it is our inner self that has been just taken away like a wind in this world of duality. Great loved it.

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      1. Yes for sure all this world is an illusion and we are infinite and nameless and changeless. Here we all have come from unconscious divinity to go back to conscious divinity Shivangi so have to go thru all this to realize ourselves who is nothing but our sweet God.

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  3. I am really impressed with your writing talents
    as well as with the layout on your weblog.
    Is this a paid subject matter or did you modify it yourself?

    Anyway stay up the nice quality writing, it is rare to peer a great blog like this one these days..


    1. hmmm,actually I am not a literary person and so just randomly write what comes to my mind.I do wish to sometimes write on the need to become soul conscious.I have a strong desire to effectuate a change and I know it is only possible if I change myself and so I am working upon myself.
      Thank you so much for your wonderful regards and yeah I am in your awe for you are such a multi talented person!:)

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      1. Shivangi what you say is evident in your blog. Over a period of time you shall know. But I only feel you visit and read many interesting blogs so that you shall get a judgement.
        How come you know so soon that I am a multi talented person. Actually I have not told much about myself on the blog. But its true I have my interests in all, almost everything and anything. I go to its core. I enjoy being SO.

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