Platonic Love


(Dedicated to a far away friend)

This time it is all so miraculous
Experiencing love without its silly symptoms!
There is neither any butterflies in my stomach
Nor any giddiness in the head.
Even romantic tunes prefer silence
When we exchange
Our harmonious thoughts!

Similar opinions and views
On every subject
Leaves me amazed everytime;
As I get mesmerised
By your ever growing intelligence
And extraordinary charm.

Thinking about our vivid conversations
I cannot help smiling.
It is worth noticing
How tagging it all as unrealistic
You choose to play safe,
Not letting the fire in me
To grow wild!

I appreciate the clear line
You drew between us;
To prevent either of us
From getting too attached!

Sharing the same level
Of compatibility and understanding;
Blooms love and concern
Which is sans expectations,
Free of terms and conditions.

In the awe of our companionship,
I enjoy my own space and freedom
From those restraining relations,
Where love resorts
To wooing and courting!

Going beyond friendship
Creates the special element.
I wish I could fly
However your wise words
Highlighting my priorities
Keeps me focussed and grounded.

Even if Destiny
Does not hold our meet;
I will still be happy
Seeing you achieve great feats!


One Lovely Blog Award

I feel great pleasure accepting this award.It is seriously unbelievable for it has not even been three months since I started blogging and it is my fourth award.I really feel blessed and great to be a part of this beautiful blogging community.Being a part of this world,has turned me laconic as now I enjoy reading others’ blogs more than posting on my own blog.Moreover I have come across several like minded people through blogging which is something that makes me extremely grateful to God.
I would like to thank a mysterious blogger who found me worthy of this award.I am sure you will be impressed by visiting his blog and knowing the different perspective he holds on life.
As an obligation I again have to mention some facts about myself.This time it is really difficult for my last award post and few recent posts already reveal so much about me.Anyways,keeping it short,I hope I mention something new about me so that it doesn’t sound boring.

1.My hobbies are reading and playing piano.
2.I enjoy riding bike and playing cricket(though not really good at it).
3.I am a big foodie and so I am never on diet.
4.I think I have a good sense of judgement especially when it comes to people(leaving aside my last affair where love turned me blind..hahaha)
5.I get easily impressed by intelligent men(mostly in terms of academics).
6.I have two conflicting faces.One that says ‘I want to live an anonymous life(so that I don’t get swayed by the appreciation) while leaving an everlasting impact in people’s life who are suffering and struggling’.’Second one says ‘I want so much fame that wherever I go,people look forward to me giving my examples(all for good reasons).’
7.There are as such no distractions in my life but the fear of getting distracted makes me more distracted.

Choosing randomly,my pioneer nominees for this award are:
The Story



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  • Post about the award.
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Choosing Happiness


Equating happiness with achievements
Gives momentary joy to our temperament.
This equation acts as a temporary inspiration
Pushing us to continue the irrational motion.
Unreasonably blood pressure goes up,
Stress levels crosses all bearable limits
In the attempt to attain
The Ultimate Happiness.

Finding comfort in people’s appreciation
Makes us proud and dependent.
Breaking us down badly
Into anxiety and depression
When people resort to silence!

Assigning happiness to a goal
Is acting like a fool
For postponing it is useless
When the urgent need of contentment
Is in the present!

All I realize is that Happiness
Is not a feeling but a state.
Trying to maintain it
Is not God’s will
But only our choice.

Success is only worth celebrating
If no sadness prevails.
Enjoying the journey
With an upward curve on our faces
And Crossing the hurdles
With unshakable determination
Will eventually open our minds
To accept the innumerable reasons
That give us joy
Along this jerky ride;
Thereby helping us to evolve
Into A blissful being!


Exploring Love


For a while,I became narrow minded as I tried equating love with wooing and courting.What made me disillusioned was that there was always a desire for lust from the other side.Unfortunately,I too started enjoying such thoughts for a while.However,thankfully,God saved me from acting on those thoughts.A few acquaintances made me wonder if love is only true when we express it by being physical!

Nevertheless,what I feel now is that love is actually never about such cravings and if it is then in my opinion,it is never true love but ‘body love’.I don’t like when young men approach me saying I have ‘seductive eyes’ or a ‘perfect figure’.Their comments do make me feel good for a moment but I also wish if they can look beyond the ‘looks’ to know the real me or my soul.Maybe I am abnormal and very serious,unwilling to give in to temporary pleasures so easily,when it comes to relationships.

For me,true love is about understanding and being there for each other.Of course trust and loyalty comes along with it naturally.I feel it is all about compatibility in terms of intelligence level and sense of humor.

Other than the male-female relationships,there are several other relations whose foundation lays on true love.The bond that keeps us connected to our parents,grandparents,relatives and friends is nothing but just love.In case of parents,love is undoubtedly in the purest form.I can say it with confidence because no matter how many arguments I have with my mom but by the end of the day,it is only she who is actually concerned if I had my dinner.

Well,the best kind of relationship that I experience of unlimited love is with God.It is because no matter I remember him or not,he is there for me all the time.I know he is going to stay with me forever.Parents’ love can seem conditional at times but God’s love is infinite and unconditional.

Throwing light on the daily life experiences,I realize that if we want love,it is very easy in today’s world.It is because each person is lonely and hollow from inside just as we are.Everyone has a soft corner which needs to be appreciated.Thus all we need to do is just be a helping hand in someone’s life and give tremendous love by being expressive and sending positive vibrations .The results may or may not be instant,but we will get back love in double quantity provided we don’t expect it from the same person.For example helping someone randomly or even feeding stray animals,always counts and attracts tremendous love and blessings,because remember you are one among the hundreds who does such acts of kindness and love.Believe me,nowadays people have no time for even love,so if you are not that busy,be proud of yourself!

At the end of the day,love is also a matter of perception and so each person defines it differently.For some people,intimacy might be a means of showing love while for others it can be just a temporary pleasure worth trying,also to mention that there can be a category of people for whom it can even be a sin.
There can be people who do not feel the existence of God and thereby for life long be deprived of the experience of heavenly love.There are people who spend their entire life experiencing inexplicable joy by giving happiness and love to others.

Thus,no matter whichever concept of love,you believe in,just learn to give without expectations.Try being a cause of smile in someone’s life.And remember once you start giving love,never take a step back for you might end up hurting someone.
I think,just as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder and so does love in the hearts of few special souls!



I have been away from blogging for a while because I was chasing someone who approached me first and got me swayed.I was successful halfway but at last there was again a parting.It is this failure of mine that gives me an opportunity to ponder on why it happened this way,when my intentions were so pure and true.This is not the first time it has happened with me.However I was very sure that situations would never be worse again for I believed I had learned to control my mind.Thus I would hate to accept that even this time I failed to master my mind and gave in to slavery to fulfil my temporary wish of going for a change.

Though precautious regarding each move in the beginning,things didn’t turn my way.I think the change that I experienced in myself was temporary and so my behaviour of tackling love didn’t change.So this time again I messed up with the person.There was a redundancy of emotions and I felt helpless again.However the intensity of pain is less this time.

Introspection is helping me to reflect upon my mistakes.What I notice from my experiences is that initially things go along well and of course that is why there is a pleasant beginning.However as time passes,I become too impatient to own a person and the same thing goes with other goals as simple as doing good in exams.I develop a kind of insecurity(no jealousy) and fear.Obviously it is the fear of losing and failing badly.This fear is good to the extent,it enhances my efficiency and speed.However insecurity is harmful for it makes me so much desperate after a person or a goal that anxiety and insomnia attacks me while causing annoyance to others.

Thus in the end,I do complete the race but never win it because I forget the right track.I think I really need to work hard upon myself and keep a check on my thoughts.Maybe I suffer from inferiority complex that does not give me enough confidence to ride smoothly on my chosen path.To be frank,my past failure is also affecting my present by not liberating my inner self to stay firm and determined.

Anyways all I learn is to stay calm and patient while moving towards the goal for what is meant best for me will always come back.As I make this post today,I feel like an achiever for it is the first time I am addressing my insecurities here on the blog without a fear of being judged ! Thanks for going through my scribbling.I know it is of no help to anyone,but just wanted to vent out my hidden feelings.

Sleepless Nights


There is neither depression
Nor any evil intention;
Yet there are sleepless nights,
Unescapable attacks of panic and fright!

I know the reason
Of my popping fits of insomniac seasons;
When I try hiding my tears
To show I have no fear!

Hurting people mistakenly,
Never let my day pass smoothly!
Intense attachments for me
In hearts of parents and friends,
Is like a catchment
An indication of being charmed and loved.

However love becomes a pain,
When expectations go unfulfilled in vain!
I wish to apologize,
If my heart does not amplify
And my work fails to resonate vibrations,
The way you want sensations!

Try to understand
I never misunderstand,
But seeing you broken because of me,
Is never going to set me free!

Going Beyond Friendship


Broken and shattered they were,
Silently enduring the pain
For people reverted to their wishes
With so much of negativity!
Turning them heartless and hopeless.
Blinding them to such an extent
That everything seemed an illusion!

However time was not to remain,
Ever the same

For relief had to release vexation;
As they banged into each other!

Empathising with each other’s agony,
They could not help consoling.
Without an expectation,
Each offered the other
A comforting shoulder.

Failing to acknowledge 
The blooming love 
That was growing between them,
Giving birth to a relationship
That was beyond companionship;
Each decided to move on,
Giving importance to other priorities!

They parted ways uneasily
Leaving each other with a temporary smile
And an indelible memory
That would symbolise
Their short tenure of togetherness!

However the hope
In their hearts 
Never died
As they wished and prayed desperately
For their paths to cross some day!